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Gears Needed for Mountaineering

Zermatt has so many mountains that it is absolute heaven for mountaineers and hikers. From high and magnificent Matterhorn to 38 four thousand meter peaks, there are so many options. But in order to hike up these amazing alpine mountains, ...

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Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness Part 2

Taking easy is very important when hiking or ascending high mountains. It is understandable that you are eager to hit the slopes but take it slowly. Over exerting yourself will only make it harder to adjust to the elevation. Try ...

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Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness Part 1

Zermatt is absolutely one of the most beautiful resorts for skiing and hiking. But since many areas such as ski pistes and gondolas are at high places, visitors must be careful for altitude sickness. The symptoms are written in the ...

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What is Altitude Sickness

Zermatt is popular for very high mountains which many are over 4000 meter high. Many mountaineers and hikers come to Zermatt to experience the magnificent view high up in the alpine mountains or come to Zermatt because of numerous mountains ...

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