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Tips for Surviving an Avalanche Part 2

Grab on to something. This obvious-sounding tactic greatly depends on the size of the avalanche, but in smaller, less powerful situations, it can save a life. While major avalanches have the strength to rip trees and rocks from the ground, ...

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Tips for Surviving an Avalanche Part 1

As you may already know, Zermatt is one of the most popular and famous areas for skiing and mountaineering. But with so much snow, sometimes accidents happen. And one of the dangerous ones, other than falling into crevasse, is avalanche. ...

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Weisshorn: Popular 38 Four Thousand Meter Peaks

The Weisshorn is the secret star among the four thousand meter peaks around Zermatt. It boasts a pleasing, symmetrical triangular shape; for mountaineers, it offers a thrilling challenge. Weisshorn is a massive 3 ridged pyramid and it is not as ...

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10 Tips to Prevent Pickpockets

Zermatt is indeed one of the popular areas for vacation and since there are many tourists, sometimes there are pickpockets on trains. Since Zermatt is car-free area, most visitors travel around Zermatt by train, gondola, taxi or by feet. Many ...

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Taschhorn: Popular 38 Four Thousand Meter Peaks

The Taschhorn at height of 4491 meters, is the uncrowned queen of the Mischabel group. Even if the Dom is 55 meters higher, the Taschhorn catches the eye with its appealing triangular form. The demanding south-east ridge and Teufelsgrat ridge ...

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