• hiking top 2

    What to Take on a Hike

    Hiking is one of the activities you must do while in Zermatt. If you have never been on a hike in Al...

  • arigs 2

    Schali or Arigscheis Hike

    This is lesser-known as a very diverse walk with exceptionally delightful views. This hike takes you...

  • tufteren top

    Tufteren High Mountain Trail

    Either you walk from Tasch to Zermatt or from Zermatt to Tasch, this is one of the beautiful walk. T...

  • zermatt top

    Basic History of Zermatt

    The mountain village of Zermatt is one of the great ski and climbing centers of the world. The town ...

  • alpine exposure top

    Alpine Exposure

    There are so many things to do in Zermatt and so many places you can ski that sometimes it is hard t...


zermatt top

Basic History of Zermatt

The mountain village of Zermatt is one of the great ski and climbing centers of the world. The town lies ...

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sunrise top

Sunrise and Sunset Excursions in Zermatt

Do you want to experience one of unforgettable experience? Then how about going on a sunrise or sunset excursion in ...

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kickbike z

Kick Bikes and Dirt Scooters in Zermatt

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Kick bikes and Dirt scooters are for adventurous people who love to ride ...

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lake Schwarzsee

Mountain Lakes in Zermatt

There are a dozen small lakes around Zermatt’s mountains to swim, walk, barbeque, sun bathe or just to relax. Here ...

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mountain restaurant top

Top Mountain Restaurants in Zermatt

If you’re in Zermatt to ski or hike you’re bound to see many mountain restaurants. There are more than 50 ...

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gorner gorge top

Gorner Gorge or Gornerschlucht

Gorner Gorge or Gornerschlucht is situated between Furi and Zermatt. It is one of the most fascinating natural beauties of ...

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cheap food

Cheap Places to Eat in Zermatt

Eating at a ski resort can be a bit pricey. If you’re on a tight budget or just want to ...

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wolli zermatt top

Wolli in Zermatt

When arriving in Zermatt you may see this really cute character named Wolli. Wolli is a young, adventurous black-nosed sheep ...

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shopping zermatt2

Shopping in Zermatt

Zermatt’s first attraction is usually skiing, hiking or just to take a look at the majestic Matterhorn. But you may ...

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snowshoe top

Snowshoeing in Zermatt

Snowshoeing is a sport that just about anyone can do, no matter what their skill levels are. This is a ...

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preparing matterhorn

Fitness Test : Preparing for Matterhorn

Zermatt is famous for many things and one of them, (as you may already know) is Matterhorn. As I said ...

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zermatt nightlife top

Nightlife in Zermatt

Zermatt is known for its apres-ski activities which include tea dances, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos. Yes, Zermatt has amazing ...

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