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Wildlife at Zermatt

Zermatt is one of the world’s finest tourist destinations. One of the major reasons for it being so is the flora and fauna that it harbors. Flora and fauna are very important to all places as a matter of fact, but even more so for tourist locations as here, they not only form a part of the cycle of nature but are also admired and appreciated for their inherent and unique beauty.

wildlife at zermatt

Richness of Species

Zermatt is located at the foot of the highest peaks in Switzerland, and being placed here has its advantages. Zermatt is gifted with plants and animals that are not just rare but also very beautiful and exotic and add to the scenic beauty of Zermatt. And the best thing is, besides being very varied in its wildlife, the place also has a good population of plants and animals of all these unique species.


Plants local to the region

As is already discussed, Zermatt has the most unique set of exotic plants, namely, the alpine mountain gold, the hairy cushion eyebright, melilot, the Haller’s pasque flower, lower lamb’s lettuce and many more. Botanists are known to come to the place often for both serenity and research.


Animals local to the region

The animals found in the region, and the ones that people are known to come and see are chamois, ibex, eagles and marmots. These are all animals that are known to be found in high altitudes and are a special sighting for tourists coming from plains. Looking at these animals on the steep slopes of Zermatt is a beautiful site.

Hiking Trails

Accessibility to wildlife

Being a tourist location, what the government of Zermatt has done well is made the entire flora and the fauna of the place easily accessible to the people who have come to tour the place. Be it through aerial tramways, mountain lifts or hiking trails, the place is has been made safe for people who are interested in nature and want to have a close look at it.

The place, Zermatt, is an absolute delight for nature lovers for more than one reason. Besides its obvious beauty, the flora and fauna here make sure the place stays among the top most tourist destinations of the world.

Summary – Zermatt, besides being special to people who love to travel and go places, is also a nature lover’s spot of priority. Because of its placement, the place has the most amazing set of flora and fauna that is bound to leave most of the tourists in awe.