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How Zermattians earn maximum revenue from Tourism?

They are entirely dependent on tourism for their livelihood and subsistence.


General overview of the economy of Zermatt

Around half the Zermattians are involved in the tourism or hotel industry in one or the other way. According to the reports from the surveys carried out in 2010, Zermatt had an unemployment rate of only 1.9%.


Sector wise allocation

Close to 60 people are engaged in the primary sector of agriculture and around 23 various kinds of businesses were involved in this sector back then. Close t o600 people belonged to the secondary sector or manufacturing. In the secondary sector around 56 different types of businesses were active. The tertiary sector of services consisted of around 4000 people and close to 440 different types of businesses existed in the tertiary sector.

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Non Swiss dominated the tourism sector

It is surprising to know that more than 80 % of the people working in the tourism sector in Zermatt have non Swiss origins. Interestingly, even across the entire country, the entire tourism is run by various foreign labors who work on cheap salaries. People from around 40 different countries are working all over Switzerland I the tourism industry.

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Zermattians employ people for odd jobs in their hotels and resorts

Generally the Swiss population isn’t interested in working at the entry level job positions. They hire people at dirt-cheap rates from developing and under-developed countries and employ them, for various odd jobs. Even skilled and semi-skilled labor if hired fro various countries. The problem with the Swiss people and workers from other European countries is that they demand very high salaries. Thus all the Swiss hotel and resort owners employ foreigners who work on meager salaries.

This makes business more profitable for the Swiss people l. This is the same case with Zermattians. They employ various foreigners to work for very low salaries. Also, due to need of money, the foreigners work sincerely with dedication and hard work.

Thus , though the Zermattians are engaged in the hotel industry , cafes, lounges, spas, mountaineering , and other jobs related to tourism, they earn more profits because they employ foreign nationals to do all the low level odd jobs at very low salaries.

Summary – The majority of the Zermattian population earns money from tourism. This article will tell you how in complete and proper detail.