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Trails Around Zermatt: Ha-Ho

Hangebruckenweg Furi is the trail with the suspension footbridge that soars 90 vertical meters above the Gornerschlucht gorge. The view down to the foaming water of the Gornera river reveals the tremendous natural forces at work. Starting in Furi, the trail first leads through the hamlet and then up to the pioneer landscape with larch trees. A wooden walkway leads over a small stream. The path then continues through bushes, a small patch of moorland and a landscape of rocks, rubble and scree. The 100 meter long suspension bridge, made of a lattice and cables of steel, leads from one side of the valley to the other. It is completely safe to cross, but still require a little courage and a fairly good head for heights. Once on the other side, walkers find themselves once again in an idyllic mountain forest with larches, Swiss stone pines and squirrels. The suspension bridge is closed in winter but on this trail, there is a wonderful playground and barbecue site nearby. This exciting trail starts at Furi and ends at Furi with total distance of 2.90 kilometers taking approximately an hour. The highest point on this trail is at 1964 meters with an ascent of 180 meters and descent of 180 meters.


Hohenweg or high altitude trail brings hikers to the most beautiful locations in the mountains around Zermatt. Highlights include Hohbalmen and Gornergrat, where the Alpine views seem to go on forever. This long distance trail, which takes about 35 hours in all to hike, links the beautiful mountain balconies overlooking Zermatt. With total climbs and descents of 7000 vertical meters, the route promises an unforgettable experience. The decision of where and when to stop for the night is down to taste and fitness. The choice of welcoming mountain huts offering a real sense of mountain adventure is plentiful. One of the best features of this hike is the way the mountain landscape and the views of the surrounding 4000 meter peaks change all the time. This very long but very beautiful trail starts at Zermatt and ends at Tasch with total distance of 89.95 kilometers taking approximately 35 hours and 10 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 3109 meters with an ascent of 6995 meters and descent of 7168 meters. This trail is very long and very challenging but if you love to hike for days, this is the perfect trail with all the magnificent views of the alpine mountains.