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Trails Around Zermatt: Fu-Kr

Hornliweg is the trail that leads to what is probably the key location in Zermatt, the Hornli Hut at the foot of the Matterhorn. Historically this has been the heart of all the action, and remains so today. Anyone visiting Zermatt should take this path at least once. It was here that the first climbers to conquer the Matterhorn set off for their ascent on July 14th 1865. Of the seven mountaineers, only three returned to the village of Zermatt, including the British climber Edward Whymper. At the Hornli hut, visitors can really feel, touch and experience the Matterhorn, which towers majestically above the building. The climbing route leads from here through the Hornligrat ridge up to the summit. From the hut’s terrace, visitors can watch with binoculars, the mountaineers beginning their ascent before dawn, equipped with head torches. It is fascinating to watch. This trail leads past the idyllic Schwarzsee lake with chapel and the best time of the year of spotting mountaineers scaling the Hornligrat is at August through September. This rather challenging hike starts at Schwarzsee and ends at Hornli hut with total distance of 4.28 kilometers taking approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 3259 meters with an ascent of 830 meters and descent of 147 meters.


Kruez is a varied walk leading past the hamlet of Wildi which revealing measures of local people having taken to protect themselves from nature, which can often show her wilder side. Wildi has a protective wall dating from the 19th century which shelters the hamlet of Wildi from flooding. At Hohtschugga there is a wooden cross that is 9 meters high, erected in 1934 by the young people of Randa. Walking a little further, there is a  little wayside shrine dedicated to St.Anthony which was built long ago, to invoke the saint’s protection whenever nature would run wild. With the wonderful flower filled alpine meadows and the protective forest, it not only attracts roe deer at twilight but also attracts many hikers to enjoy both the nature and the wild. With the wonderful historical Wildi and the little shrine with the background of beautiful alpine pastures, this place makes one of the perfect place for a photograph and is an idyllic walk to enjoy the nature. This soothing and beautiful trail starts at Randa and ends at Randa with total distance of 4.42 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 45 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 1803 meters with an ascent of 423 meters and descent of 423 meters.