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Trails Around Zermatt: Kr-La

Kristallweg passes through the leads to many highlights of the Zermatt mountains. Delightful sights include the reflection of the Matterhorn in the surface of the Stellisee lake. This natural spectacle is world famous with the Matterhorn standing solitary on the horizon. In the foreground is the Stellisee lake, with its mirror like surface and crystal clear water, reflecting the inverted pyramid of the Matterhorn mesmerizing visitors with beauty. On this trail, hikers can also enjoy the view of the Findel Glacier which is bewitching. The river of ice has been retreating for a long time now, as hikers can see clearly. Stretches of the trail lead along the formal lateral moraines of the glacier. This magnificent hike starts at Rothorn and ends at Blauherd with total distance of 5.40 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 45 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 3087 meters with an ascent of 118 meters and descent of 637 meters.


The Larchenweg or the Larch Trail leads across alpine pastures, along sparse forest that is home to numerous gnarled and ancient Swiss stone pine trees and tall larches. The theme trail is devoted to the nutcracker, an emblematic local bird species. In autumn, this hike promises a very special experience. The larch needles change color from green to yellow and then rust-red. Here it is easy to understand why walkers talk so enthusiastically about golden autumn walks. In winter, the trees are bare but the view of the beautiful snow and snow covered trees are like a fairytale. For centuries, local people hunted nutcrackers. These birds are considered pests because their diet consists mainly of pine seeds, and it was thought they prevented regeneration of the forest and hindered growth of new trees. Only in the 1950s did scientists discover the secret of the nutcracker. On balance, these birds are of great benefit to the forest by carrying the relatively heavy seeds of the Swiss stone pine which can not be delivered through wind like other species, and help the Swiss stone pine through the activities. Each bird gathers between 30,000 and 100,000 seeds a year, which it buries in the ground as a food supply. In winter, it has to dig up to 1 meter deep in the snow to retrieve them but usually they can’t find them but allowing the Swiss stone pines to grow into trees. This beautiful and refreshing walk through the alpine trees start at Schwarzsee and ends at Furi with total distance of 4.43 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 40 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 2579 meters with an ascent of 77 meters and descent of 788 meters.