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The Train Journey from Brig to Matterhorn

Zermatt is a Car Free Location

Zermatt is a car free location and that is one of the many attractive things about it. The fact that you can breathe pollution free fresh air in this land is the best feeling ever. It is the very thing that attracts a large number of tourists to this place. In fact, not so long ago, the place named Matterhorn was termed inaccessible even on foot. Hence, accessing this place by car is totally an unthinkable thing. However surprising it may sound, but yes, there is a car free and pollution free zone, existing in this world of global warming.

Get there through a Train

Of course, there is a whole lot more to Zermatt than the fact that it is car free. Yet, there is no denying that “car-free” is the best thing to happen to that place. However, in this svelte-svelte world, how does one ever reach a car free zone? Well, no, it isn’t rocket science. One can simply access this place using a railway line. The BVZ railway line is one of the best ways of getting here if you don’t want to do it in foot. The train starts from a place called Brig and leaves you off at Zermatt. The entire journey is a little more than 16,000 metres.


The Train Journey is a Memorable Thing

This train journey is admirable, breathtaking and enjoyable and will consume 80 minutes of your life. However, those 80 minutes of train journey is well worth it. The train itself is lovely and cute to look at. No, the cute wasn’t cheesy because it really is cute! And if you aren’t someone too interested in trains then, you can simply enjoy the outside view which is just as beautiful. So, enjoy that little journey of 44 kilometres which are every bit worth it and you are never going to regret it. Go; hire the train from brig then! What are you waiting for?

Not only is the train very well decorated and that it offers a nice view, but it also provides excellent service. One can rely blindly on swiss transport and this train goes out to prove just as much. It will transport you from the city hustle, right into the heaven at Zermatt. Yes, the entire way, the journey is actually going to seem like the one you made to heaven with beautiful mountains and lakes to look at all along.