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The demographics of Zermatt

The overall population of Zermatt is approximately around 5800.


General facts about Zermattian demographics

Zermatt is populated by around 5800 people as per the latest census in 2012. By the year 2008, over 35 % of the population consisted of foreign resident nationals. But in the previous decade, the population has changed at a rate of over 6.5%. IT has also changed at a rate of -3.2 % owing to migration as well as at 7% approximately due to the births and deaths.

Population according to language

On a linguistic basis, the Zermattian culture is diversified in nature. The majority of the zermattians speak German. So around 69 -70 percent of the population or around 4100 people are German speaking citizens while the Portuguese is the most spoken language after German. Close to 720 people or 12 % of the population speaks Portuguese. Italian is spoken only by 8 % of the population. Hence only around 475 people have Italian as their primary language; Apart from this, there are 226 French speaking Zermattian and one person who speak Romansh.

Demographics and gender

Demographics and gender

AS on 2008, around 52 % of the population consisted of men and around 49 % were women. Further, the population consisted of1840 Swiss nationals (32% of the total population) and 1166 (20%) non-Swiss men. Similarly, there were 1837 Swiss women and 985(17%) non Swiss women. According to the municipality of Zermatt, 2214 or around 37 % of the population were born in Zermatt and lived there as on 2000.

Apart from this, there were close to 720 or around 12% of the population who were born in the same canton. But 774 or 13 % of the population were born somewhere else in the country. The remaining 34 % of the people were all born outside Switzerland.

Age composition

According to the reports in 2000, around 21 % of the entire population was between the age group of 0-19 years. 70% of the population was consisted of by adults and only 8% of the entire population was consisted by senior citizens or people above the age of 64.

These were the intricate details of the demographics of the small village of Zermatt.

Summary – Zermatt is a beautiful village located in the district known as Visp in the predominantly German speaking area of the canton of Valais in Switzerland.