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Summer Hiking Trail with Children at Zermatt Part 5

The Bahnweg or Railway Trail makes an ideal family walk, offering close up views of trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The area along the path is also home to marmots and many alpine flowers, including some very rare species. This wonderful easy trail starts at Zermatt and ends at Tasch with total distance of 6.03 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 20 minutes. The highest point on this walk is at 1629 meters with an ascent of 207 meters and descent of 380 meters. The path leads through a variety of terrain, across forest, meadows and pastures. Here the atar attractions are the trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and, just before 9AM and just after 5PM, the Glacier Express with its panoramic carriage pass by. Walkers will then approach the large marmot colony which the furry rodents whistle in alarm and disappear into their burrows . Interestingly these furry rodents are not afraid of the sound from trains. Hikers only have to sit still for a while for the charming creatures to appear again. If you and your family are interested into watching helicopters, you can stop at Air Zermatt heliport which is on the way out of Zermatt, and here walkers can watch the movements of the helicopters. The dramatic take-offs and landings are often a matter of life and death so you can see how fast they go. On occasions, a helicopter will return from a mission with the mountain rescuer still balancing on the landing skid. This wonderful walk with the views of the railway has alpine columbine and other mountain flowers with cute little marmots. There are barbecue sites and picnic area for families to enjoy and rest with the beautiful surroundings of the alpine nature.

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Riffelseeweg is a path that leads to a photographic site in a class of its own. The Riffelsee with reflection of the Matterhorn, a small rock in the little lake, pristine nature all around, this walk is ultimate idyll! The surface of the Riffelsee lake is usually still, and so it is an idealistic place to take photographs. This pristine alpine landscape promises visitors a complete break from daily reality at lower altitudes. The play of light and shadow among the clouds in the sky, the vast horizon, the views of the highest mountains in the Alps all have an inspiring effect on visitors.

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This wonderful hike to Riffelsee lake starts from Rotenboden and ends at Riffelberg with total distance of 2.95 kilometers taking approximately an hour. The highest point on this trail is at 2814 meters with an ascent of 59 meters and descent of 294 meters. This walk is a wonderful walk during hot summer day. The Riffelsee lake is one of the most beautiful places to take photographs with the reflection of the Matterhorn and it is a wealth are for alpine flora. Also depending on season, you and your family may be able to spot wild animals such as ibex in the Gaggenhaupt region.