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Playgrounds in Zermatt Part 1

If you’re visiting Zermatt with your children, playgrounds is an important place you can’t miss. Surrounded by beautiful alpine nature and fresh alpine waters, your children will have the best time in Zermatt. Here are some playgrounds for your children to have a delight time in Zermatt.

The lake of Leisee is Zermatt’s beach and a popular outing for the whole family. They have children’s playground, barbecue areas, picnic spots and play raft all with the magnificent view of the Matterhorn. This is one of the best places for both parents and children to have a magical time. Children can play and swim while parents can relax in the wonderful nature while viewing the gorgeous Matterhorn framed by a pristine alpine landscape. The lake is not deep and the water temperature is suitable for a dip despite the altitude of 2232 meters. The lake shores are home to a wealth of alpine flora and in July you can spot cute tadpoles and small frogs swimming around. The little stream that flows into the lake is also a perfect spot for children to play in.

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Wolli’s adventure playground on Blauherd or Blauherd Playground is absolute heaven for children. They have variety of attractions that makes this the ideal spot for families with children of different ages. Parents can enjoy barbecue with grill and wood while children have fun on slides, swings and climbing frames all with the magnificent alpine landscape.

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Dossen Glacier Garden also offers a fun playground with all kinds of special attractions which includes climbing boulders, a big xylophone and a barbecue area. Children can run around and play their hearts content at this charming playground in the heart of the former glacier landscape. It also makes an ideal picnic spot and if it should rain, you can shelter under the covered wood store while waiting for the sun to emerge. Adults can relax and enjoy barbecue with grill and wood while children have fun on swings, zip wire, climbing boulders and large xylophone. The nature surrounding is very relaxing with alpine woods all around you.

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Obere Matten playground no.1 and no.2 is located in the heart of the village of Zermatt, and is the perfect place for families with children who have different needs. The Obere Matten playground no.1 lies between the shopping center and the restaurant so if your children gets tired of shopping around, they can run around at this playground. The whole play area is surfaced with smooth gravel and has slides, climbing frames, swings and more than 8 different play features for children to enjoy. It is a little less shady than Obere Matten no.2 but is still a great place for children to exercise. The Obere Matten playground no.2 is located a short distance from the Obere Matten leisure area and is an ideal spot on hot summer days where children can play underneath shady trees. They have slides, climbing frames, swings and more than 8 different play features for children to have fun. They also have a restaurant with the view of the Matterhorn so if your children gets hungry after having fun, families can relax there.