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Photograph Opportunities in Zermatt Part 9

Sunnegga is also another famous and popular lake around Zermatt. This area is heaven for families and visitors who love to get a refreshing dip during summer and in winter, skiers of all ages enjoy their first sensations of sliding on snow at Wolli’s park for beginners. The Sunnegga is not only famous for all the fun that it provides but it is also a very beautiful lake with the surrounding of the highest mountain peaks and the beautiful green pastures surrounding the lake. If you are visiting Zermatt with family, this is the place to take a family photograph. You will have the chance to take an excellent photograph of your children and friends having fun under the sun with clear blue skies and the water glistening like jewels. And not to mention the surrounding of many alpine mountains in the background is absolutely magnificent. The glorious view of the Matterhorn is visible from many angles and during summer the crystal clear waters of the Leisee with the surrounding mountains and beautiful green pastures adds a magnificent color to the photograph. During winter, the snows cover softly over the pastures and the skies are even more clearer allowing photographers to capture the beautiful Matterhorn with the glistening lake water. There is also a sun terrace at Sunnegga which allows photographers and visitors the perfect view of the Matterhorn. The reflection off the water isn’t as clear as Stellisee but it still offers an amazing shot of the Matterhorn.


The Hamlet of Zmutt is more than 500 years standing on a small rise at an altitude of 1936 meters among lush alpine pastures. The traditional wooden houses, closely huddled together, is an amazing view and tells a long history. Zmutt is easy to reach along a gentle footpath from Zermatt. About 20 dark wooden houses radiate a tranquility and the peace of solitary in the mountains. The small houses are closely huddled, as if they wanted to protect each other from the whims of nature. The historical buildings are at its original condition, which allows photographers to enjoy the sensation that they have traveled through time. With the snow covered alpine mountains in background and the lush of alpine pastures and alpine nature, this place makes a perfect photograph. The antique wooden houses adds a touch of taste to the frame with a white chapel in view. During winter the snow covers the roofs of the houses allowing it to look like a small village from fairy tale or a movie.