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Photograph Opportunities in Zermatt Part 8

The lake of the Schwarzsee lies right at the foot of the Matterhorn offering the finest view of the famous Hornligrat ridge on the Matterhorn, the Hornli hut and the village of Zermatt way below. The surface of the Schwarzsee or the black lake is indeed often very dark even black allowing to create a mirror like effect. Beside the lake, there is a small chapel which lies in a small hollow dedicated to “Maria zum Schnee” or “Our Lady of the Snows”. According to legend, the chapel has its origins in a promise. Two people from Zermatt had lost their way in the fog near the Thodul Pass and they pledged that if they were saved, they would build a chapel. To this day, climbers who reached the summit of the Matterhorn visits the chapel afterwards to give thanks for a successful ascent. This beautiful tranquil lake is just 5 minutes walk from the Schwarzsee gondola station allowing photographers to enjoy the beautiful lake and the magnificent Matterhorn. During summer, the reflection of the chapel on the dark mirror like surface of the lake is absolutely breathtaking. If photographers are patient and get the chance of taking the photo when there is no wind, the still dark water of the Schwarzsee lake will have a mirror like effect and allow the small but beautiful chapel to show on the surface of the lake making it look as though it is floating on the water.


The Stellisee is among the most famous of Zermatt’s lakes. The sight of the Matterhorn reflected on its mirror like surface is breathtakingly beautiful and makes  a magnificent photograph. Pictures of the Stellisee can be seen all over the world because of the reflection of the Matterhorn on its still surface has been photographed millions of times. Many photographers come here repeatedly for the breathtaking beauty of the Matterhorn and the reflection of the Matterhorn on the beautiful lake. The panoramic views of the towering peaks well over 4000 meters high are among the most dramatic in the Zermatt region. This beautiful lake is only 20 minutes walk from the Blauherd summit station. At sunrise and sunset, it is especially the most romantic and the most beautiful spot. The playful colors reflecting on not only the Matterhorn but over the alpine mountain peaks with the reflection from the lake makes the view absolutely breath taking and allows not only photographers but many visitors to want to capture this magnificent moment on a photograph. During summer and the warm season, the cotton grass that grows along the lakeshore provides splash of white among the green brown hues of the meadows adds a wonderful color to the frame. During winter, the snow covered meadows allow a fairy tale like effect to the surrounding making it look more mystical and beautiful.