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Photograph Opportunities in Zermatt Part 7

The lake of the Riffelsee offers the ultimate in mountain tranquility for visitors and photographers. The reflection of the Matterhorn on the surface of the water is one of nature’s finest spectacles. The Riffelsee is located away from the great hiking trails of Zermatt and the Riffelseeweg path leads direct to its shores to allow photographers and visitors to enjoy the view of the Matterhorn. The view is absolutely beautiful with the Matterhorn standing solitary on the horizon framed by a vast sky and it is absolutely breathtaking allowing photographers to capture the unforgettable scene. The best time to visit the Riffelsee is when there is no wind and the surface of the lake is completely still which is usually early in the morning or in the evening. To get to Riffelsee, just walk approximately 10 minutes along a trail that leads gently downhill from the Rotenboden station of the Gornergrat Bahn cog railway. If photographers wants to enjoy a little hike before taking the magnificent picture, turn left off the path before the lake to access the numerous climbing routes on the south face of the Riffelhorn. On these paths, there are many beautiful alpine flora blooming in the area which also makes a good photograph.


The view from the Rothorn showcases the highest peaks of the Valais Alps. The cable car carries visitors to the summit of Rothorn at 3103 meters, showing the magnificent view of many alpine mountains. During summer, this is the starting point for challenging hikes and a popular destination for sunrise excursions. During winter, the summit station offers direct access to the ski peaks. The Peak Collection is an exhibition of sculptures that explore Zermatt’s alpine world and its most famous peaks. Works carry details of the various summits including altitude, geology and first ascents, along with reflections by the mountain guides. High up in the summit, photographers and visitors can view the mountain panorama with unobstructed view of the Matterhorn and Weisshorn which is a breathtaking view. To get to Skiline photopoint, you will need to a keycard lift pass. For an excellent photograph, you can take a sunrise trip during summer or take a descents by moonlight during winter which both will allow photographers to capture the magnificent and breathtaking photo of the amazing Mattherhorn with the playful color of the sky and sunlight. Since it is high up in the mountains, photographers can enjoy taking pictures of not only the Matterhorn but also of the nearby mountain peaks which are as amazing as the Matterhorn.