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Paragliding in Zermatt

 Paragliding in Zermatt is something you really don’t want to miss! Experience flying over the spectacular view ot the Matterhorn and the alpine soaring through the crisp alpine air. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of the view completely obstacle free with no walls and no windows, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the beautiful sky. The great part is that you don’t need any experience! Only some courage to take few steps for takeoff and just wanting to have the time of your life. If you’re feeling a bit unsafe, don’t worry! Tandem paragliding or paragliding with the pilot is very safe and Switzerland has excellent safety record.

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Paragliding is a bit different during summer and winter. In summer you can experience the clean mountain air, alpine pastures filled with wild flowers and most importantly the pleasant temperature. Since the weather changes rapidly in the high alpine environment, flights are best in the morning where the weather is more predictable. At Alpine Adventures Zermatt Paragliding, you can choose from 4 types of flight during summer.

Classic High starts from the top of Rothorn peak at 3100 meters and 1500 meters above Zermatt. You can experience 20 minutes of long ride flying over the cliffs above town.
The National starts from the National ski piste allowing you to fly out towards the Sunnegga restaurant. You can see the bikers and skis running below you. The flight time is apporximately 15 minutes.
Scenic starts from the Gornergrat railway up to Riffelberg with beautiful view along the way. You will launch over Riffelalp and fly up and across the valley where you may be able to see the climbers. The flight time is apporximately 15 minutes.
Quicky starts just above the tree line and it is the lowest and the shortest ride. But you will still see the great scenery of the Matterhorn and the valleys. The flight time is apporximately 10 minutes.
Elite is the longest ride and it launches from Klein Matterhorn at the height of 3850 meters. It is the highest lift accessible takeoff site in the world. You will not only enjoy the panoramic view of Switzerland but also substantial part of northern Italy. The flight time is apporximately 35 minutes.

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During winter you can choose from 3 flights.
Classic High, just like summer, starts from Rothorn peak at 3100 meters and since conditions in winter are generallky smooth, you can fly extremely close to the ski slopes. If you want more thrill, ask your pilot for some acrobatics to get your adrenaline pumping. The flight time is apporximately 15 minutes.
Elite launches from Klein Matterhorn at 3850 meters. You will have the view of winter wonderland below you and the experience of a lifetime. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes.
Grand Entrance is the fun way and the best way to touchdown in front of your restaurant. It is an exclusive chauffer service to the restaurants “Fluhalp” and “Chez Vroni”. The flight time is apporximately 10 minutes.