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Outdoor Activities with Children at Zermatt Part 4

The Schaliesee lake is another beautiful lake around Zermatt. It lies at 1428 meters flat on the valley floor near Tasch, framed by larches and grassy meadows. It is absolutely an ideal spot for families to relax, swim and to enjoy a picnic. The Schalisee lies beside the hiking trail linking Tasch and Randa, and offers a perfect place for families to swim, relax, lie in the sun or the cool shade, play games or enjoy a picnic. The barbecue areas have wood for burning for everyone to enjoy. Children of all ages adore swimming here, and small children love playing with the scattered twigs and cones from the many larch trees all around. This wonderful lake is only 20 minutes walk from Tasch railway station along the Mattervispa river. Children can have fun in the sun swimming, while parents can rest under partly shaded larches or there are tables, benches and a wonderful barbecue areas for everyone to enjoy a nice meal. There is also a golf course nearby so if parents and children love to golf, they can all go play a nice round of game after an amazing swim at the lake.


Snow Tubing is probably one of the most popular activities for children in snow. Children absolutely love to play in the snow and here at Zermatt everyone can enjoy snow in summer. The snow tubing promises a high thrills with the run at 3883 meters. The summit station of Matterhorn glacier paradise offers the activity all summer. At Klein Matterhorn at 3883 meters, round air filled rings like giant inner tubes await guests. You just simply have to climb in, hang on to the handles and whizz down the beautiful snowy slope. This is a great fun for people of all ages. If your children love snow and some thrill, this is something you really can’t miss even during summer. You can rent snow tubes for free at the peak.


If you and your family love the sky, there are some activities you can enjoy up in the air. You can get a bird’s eye view and discover the mountains from above for once. This is a very special gift in the alps. You can either take off by helicopter or set out for the valley by paraglide. The Matterhorn shows all of its walls during a helicopter fly around. You can view the famous east wall, the fearsome north wall, the sharp Zmuttgrat and the craggy south wall all from the air. If you love to ski and want some thrill, you can try heliskiing which is like taking a fast lift up the mountain and then taking a free run down the mountain on virgin snow. Whoever wants to experience this immediately can take the paraglide. High up in the air, you can view all the famous alpine peaks and if you look closely you can sometimes view the hikers hiking up the hard peaks and alpine wild life relaxing in the meadows and mountains.
 High up in the air with crisp alpine air, this is one of the experience that you will never forget.