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Outdoor Activities with Children at Zermatt Part 3

The Mammut via ferrata route A or fixed cable climb leads high above the roofs of Zermatt. There are three sections, A, B, and C which require different levels of ability. Route A is the best route for families and children from the age 10. An information panel shows the way to the start of the via ferrata on the Turuwang. Walking time from the railway station to the entry point is approximately 30 minutes. The Mammut via ferrata in Zermatt requires agility and a good head for heights and a sure foot. After the first section, there is an ideal spot for a picnic and near by is the Beresina hut. This route is exposed sections above the beautiful Triftbach river and you can view the beautiful alpine flora Edelweiss at eye level. The Beresina hut recalls the era of the Napoleonic wars. Valais had been occupied by Napoleon in 1799, and each municipality has required to provide a young man to enroll for combat in Russia. In Zermatt no one came forward, so a tempting offer was made, whoever signed up for military service would receive, and on return from Russian campaign, the stable with a lush pasture up on the Turuwang. At last a young man volunteered. At the battle of Beresina about 1000 Swiss lost their lives, and the young man from Zermatt never came home. Even with the sad history behind this hut, this hut is absolutely beautiful and worth going while on the Mammut via ferrata route A.


Kickbike is another popular activity to do with family. It is a thrilling ride from Sunnegga down to the village of Zermatt. The wind in your hair, spectacular scenery, this outdoor adventure is absolutely one of the best. A kickbike is like a cross between a bike and a scooter, and is absolutely a great fun to ride for people of all ages. From Sunnegga, the trail leads initially towards Tufteren, past ancient Swiss stone pine trees and tall larches. At Tufteren the track plunges into the lush mountain forest, and follows a giant zig-zag all the way down to the village of Zermatt. There is a special family tickets for this wonderful ride. There is also restaurants along the route where you can have delicious Swiss specialties and also there are restaurants at Ried and Othmar’s Hutte where you can get a nice refreshments and an ice cream for whole family. If you love biking but want to do something more interesting and fun, this is one of the ride you can’t miss. The views are wonderful with fresh alpine trees and wonderful views of the mountain railways for you and your children both to enjoy.