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Gourmetweg and Kristallweg

These two hikes are relatively easy hikes for you to enjoy the magnificent views of the alps. You can go on a walk before a meal and enjoy the meal once you get to Findeln or you can burn those calories after you have enjoyed the delicious meals! Either way, you will see the beautiful alpine nature on these walks.

Gourmetweg or the Gourmet Way takes you through the resort town of Findeln with plenty of delicious restaurants for you to enjoy and to choose from. It takes you from Sunnegga to Findeln to Zermatt. In Findeln you can try going to one of the best restaurants Findlerhof. They have excellent food such as veal cutlet, pasta, chicken or even lamb with exquisite wine list for you to enjoy. You can eat your meal on the terrace with great atmosphere with gorgeous view of the Matterhorn. They source all their ingredients locally and they will make you fell at home!

After you have eaten those delicious foods, you can walk further along the trail and enjoy weaving through the sweet smell of the evergreen forests with the footpath of soft blankets of the fragrant pine needles. The Gourmetweg takes you through the romantic chalets in Findeln, passing through the Leisee lake for you to either have a picnic, swim or to play in the playground. You can also get food or something to drink all year round at Sunnegga with various restaurants in Findeln and Reid.

Gourmetweg is an easy walk with length of about 5.1 kilometers and takes approximately an hour and 30 minutes. The trail is mostly downhill and the highest point is 2290 meters with elevation difference of 662 meters. The trail is open all year allowing you to see the wildlife on the Oberer Hohenweg.


Kristallweg or Crystal Way is also another easy and short walk you can do in Zermatt. The trail takes you from Rothorn to Fluhalp to Stellisee to Blauherd. Head toward Rothorn, away from Zermatt and towards Findel Glacier. At the bottom you will find the trail marker. Go down and around the mountain side and you will see rugged an sharp almost crystal like rocks along the way. At Stellisee lake you can enjoy the magnificent reflection of the Matterhon with breath taking alpine scenery surrounding you. You can have a little picnic here or go to a charming restaurant in Fluhalp.

The wildlife on this walk is absolutely beautiful. You can try searching for the famous alpine flower edelweiss during your walk. The walk is mostly downhill with some sand and loose rocks which makes it a bit slippery so be sure to have nice walking shoes on. If you like, you can extend your walk towards the Marmot Trail.

The hike is relatively easy with length of about 5.2 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 30 minutes. The walk is mostly downhill with a little bit of uphill in the end. The highest point is 3100 meters with elevation difference of 560 meters. The trail is open from June to September.