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Felikhorn and Grenzgipfel: Popular 38 Four Thousand Meter Peaks

Felikhorn, standing at 4,174 meters high, is an inconspicuous peak located just across the border in Italy. The Felikjoch, which is beside the Felikhorn, is the highest crossing in the Alps. Felikhorn is an inconspicuous 4000 meter peak. It is located south-west of the Felikjoch, which can be reached in three hours from the new Monte Rosa hut or in one and a half hours from the Quintino Sella refuge. The Felikjoch is the highest crossing in the Alps for mountain tours. It connects the Matter valley to the Val de Gressoney, and links the new Monte Rosa hut with the Quintino Sella refuge via the Zwilling and Felik glaciers. It is especially useful for those who want to climb the Castor or the Liskamm from the Quintino Sella hut. This inconspicuous peak was first climbed by William Edward Hall, Jean-Pierre Cachat, Peter Perren, Josef-Marie Perren, J.F.ardy, J.A. Hudson, C.H. Pilkington, A.C. Ramsay, T. Rennison, F. Sibson, R.M. Stepehson, Franz Lochmatter, Karl Herr and Stefan Zumtaugwald in August 19th 1861. This mountain serves as connecting summit between Castor and Liskamm so many mountaineers and hikers go for multiple summit hikes. Even though the difficulty level is medium, hikers and mountaineers must have a mountain guide to go up the summit.

WS000001 Grenzgipfel

Grenzgipfel, at the height of 4,618 meters, is the peak marks the highest point on the border between Switzerland and Italy. And this mountain is part of the Monte Rosa massif. Grenzgipfel or Border summit, has the ridge leading to the Dufourspitze, the highest summit in Switzerland, and has four crests. The Schulter, the Grenzgipfel, the Ostspitze and the Dufourspitze itself. The first ascent of the Grenzgipfel was thus also the first ascent of the Dufourspitze. The significant 4000 meter peak on the route to the Dufourspitze has often been confused with others on maps and in guidebooks. Charles Hudson, one of the climbers on the first ascent, was to die ten years later during the first ascent of the Matterhorn. The first ascent was accomplished by Charles Hudson, John Birkbeck, Christopher Smyth, James G.Smyth, Edward J.W. Stevenson, Ulrich Lauener, Johannes Zumtaugwald and Matthaus Zumtaugwald in August 1st 1855. Since this is also part of the Monte Rosa massif, many hikers, depending on their fitness level, go for single or multiple ascents in the Monte Rosa massif. In order to hike up this beautiful mountain, mountain guide is necessary. To enjoy the full hike, hikers can start from Sonnenweg trail at Gornergrat or go from Rotenboden to Riffelberg.