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Euphoria on High Mountains

Zermatt is one of the famous places for mountaineers since it has many 4000 meter peaks. Mountaineering are not an easy activity since hikers have to be fit, know how to use proper gear and for most of 4000 meter peaks around Zermatt, need a proper mountain guide. But the from high up the summit, the views are absolutely amazing that many mountaineers keep coming back to Zermatt to experience the magnificent views. But while up high in the mountains there are euphoria effect which can be an advantage to many athletes. This natural doping effect occur when there is less oxygen allowing the body to produce more red blood cells. This effect can actually go on for up to three months afterwards.

What happens to the human body is, for example, if you go up in a cable car to reach a higher altitude, apart from the feeling of pressure in the ear and sometimes fatigue, you really don’t notice much. A healthy person begins to breathe imperceptibly faster due to the oxygen deficiency as the altitude increases, the pulse is somewhat faster and the blood pressure goes up slightly. That means that being at a certain elevation causes a natural doping effect, which top athletes know how to use to their advantage. The doping effect refers primarily to an improved oxygen supply to the body at a normal altitude following a period at a higher altitude.

Knowing about this effect, mountaineers and hikers still should be careful going up as high as 4000 meters. If you wish to be able-bodied at 4000 meters, you should acclimates yourself for a few days to get used to the altitude. A short stay at this altitude is advisable. Also staying at 3000 meter is not a great challenge for a healthy person but should definitely be aware of the climatic factors such as cosmic radiation, cold, dryness of air and oxygen deficiency. Interestingly short holidays at altitudes of around 2500 meters to 3000 meters are a healthy endeavourer and strengthen the immune system by increasing red blood cells.

While hiking high up as 4000 meters, one may experience this doping effect which does allow hikers to hike up the mountains with lots of energy and fun but there are still dangers. At extreme heights the oxygen deficiency can cause hallucinatory states that can be very dangerous when trying to pass a crevasse or using gears at icy mountains. But knowing properly what this effect is, it will help hikers and mountaineers to enjoy the wonderful hike up many high mountains around Zermatt.