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Zermatt means the Matterhorn, right?
Well yes, to a point. For to say Zermatt relates to the Matterhorn is true but to say Zermatt
is the Matterhorn is definitely not true. Why? Because there is much more to see and do in Zermatt besides the Matterhorn. There’s skiing for starters. I mean we don’t even wanna go to the skiing on the Gornergrat the Riffelalp, the Klein Matterhorn and over to the Italian village of Cervinia just to start. Then there’s the town, ahhhh the town. It is car free (it only has horse drawn carriages and electric cars)and a world famous graveyard, just for starters. Plus Zermatt is home to one of the great musuems in the Alps, and many of the alps great places to eat and drink.
As well there are wonderful places to stay of all types and all fashions and prices, in addition to places to rent skis and boots and the rest. Plus the old fashioned feel of Zermatt is still there regardless. As well did you know that Zermatt is surrounded by many mountains over 3000meters. Yep and although the Matterhorn is the highest of these is is not Europe’s highest. Care to tell me what is?