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Winter Hiking Trails with Children at Zermatt Part 5

Winkelmatten to Furi is another excellent trail. This winter hiking trail crosses the quarter at the far end of Zermatt in the direction of Furi. Along the way it leads across snow blanketed meadows, through forest and past romantic, secluded spots. In Winkelmatten, walkers still enjoy a beautiful, clear view of the distant Matterhorn. Soon the trail leads over snowy expanses and past small hamlets and agricultural buildings. It then climbs, sometimes steeply, at others more gently, before plunging into the romantic mountain forest. A glance backwards makes for quite a surprise. At Schweigmatten, a small barn stands on top of a big rock split in two, looking out over a wide snowy expanse. It’s a scene from another era, and with luck walkers can photograph it from the path, free from footprints in the snow or other human traces. This beautiful path starts from Winkelmatten and ending at Furi with the distance of 2.64 kilometers taking approximately an hour. The highest point on this easy trail is at 1864 meters with an ascent of 245 meters and descent of 52 meters. This trail is absolutely romantic and far from civilization that makes it even more romantic and special. You can have fun with families and children will have fun running around in the snow, or you can go with your loved ones for a quiet time alone together in this secluded beautiful trail.

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Winkelmatten to Zermatt is a winter hiking trail that leads initially through the forest at Moos and then through the hamlet of Blatten back to the village. But take note, this walk is worth planning carefully. Allow plenty of time for this walk which includes a stop on the route for a restaurant. In fact every moment is worth savoring. But let’s start at the beginning. After the last houses in Winkelmatten, the trail enters the winter forest near Moos, a place of fairy tale like charm. The air is fresh and healthy, the sunshine sparkles in the thin forest. Soon, the path leads under the gondolas of the Matterhorn Express. The bridge over the Gornera Gorge offers an arresting view of the glittering icicles and the cliffs glazed with ice. In Blatten, it’s worth stopping for a quick look in the chapel. This medium walk starts at Winkelmatten and ends at Zermatt with distance of 3.50 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 30 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 1775 meters with an ascent of 190 meters and descent of 238 meters. This beautiful trail offers a fantastic view of the alpine highlights with Baroque chapel in Blatten. You can stop at a restaurant before or after the walk and take a soothing stroll in the snow covered paths.