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Winter Hiking Trails with Children at Zermatt Part 2

Dorfweg Randa is perfect trail for anyone looking for some fresh air and a relaxing stroll that doesn’t require too much effort. This charming winter walk is perfect. The Dorfweg Randa or Randa village path promises a restful and soothing walk close to the village. The trail leads initially across snowy white expanses before climbing into the protective forest above the village with an ascent of 250 vertical meters in all. The path is easy as it is cleared regularly and the views back down to the village are lovely. This easy relaxing walk starts from Randa and ends at Randa with total distance of 4.68 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 30 minutes. The highest point is at 1586 meters with an ascent of 249 meters and descent of 249 meters. This peaceful trail is perfect for snowy fun and also if you and your family wants some fresh air away from the village. Since it is close to the village, you can take a stroll after or before having fun in the village.

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Panoramaweg Tasch or the Panoramic path around Tasch presents an ideal alternative to skiing, with open views, romantic forests and pure, blissful tranquility. It is worth planning the timing of this walk carefully. In winter the sun sets early, and the mountains soon wrap the valley in their cold shadow. Ideally then, walkers should set off early. The trail leads at first across wide snowy expanses on the valley floor before following the edge of the protective forest along the foot of the slopes. After a bridge across the Vispa river, the route climbs into the picturesque mixed forest. Finally it leads along a high trail at an altitude of about 1500 meters back down the valley revealing magnificent views. This easy, breath taking trail starts at Tasch and ends at Tasch with total distance of 4.36 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 25 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 1584 meters with an ascent of 302 meters and descent of 302 meters. If you want to see the breath taking views of the Mischabel mountains with the Taschhorn and Dom, this is the trail. You will see the panoramic view of Tasch and Randa on this trail and the snowy valley below. Your children will have a magnificent time walking in the fluffy snow surrounded by beautiful alpine mountains with the view of the village.