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Top options for foodies in Zermatt


If you are an avid food lover, then the best place to go to is Zermatt. Visit Zermatt for some of the best dishes and you would earn for more.

Zermatt is a place known for its varieties of food and restaurants that would tantalise your taste buds and tempt you for more. Starting from different kind of cocktail drinks, to pizzas, burgers, and exotic dishes, here are some dishes that you would like to taste when you visit Zermatt.

Be prepared to gorge into some delicious varieties of cheese, and also try out the Fondue and the raclette, some famous Alpine dishes of Zermatt. You can also gorge into some delicious foie grass consisting of some of the most delicious passion fruit.

One more dish that you should not miss is the preparation of Cod fish with white miso, a wide selection of artisan cheese, beef tartat with chilli foam, fondue, raclette and some delicious sushi dishes made of fresh fish.


Sweet dishes in Stowe

Visit Stowe If you have a sweet tooth then tuck into sweet flavoured cider doughnuts, dipped in sweet maple syrup and shortbread, accompanied by smoked duck meat, or braised duck legs or a rack of a lamb with thyme herbs and leaves. You can also try out the delicious Gloucester cod fish eggs along with goat cheese dumplings.


If you have just come back from skiing and are hungry then you would not have to gorge on the conventional pizzas or burgers. Instead, try out some exotic food such as the dish of fresh oysters, the roasted saddle of a rabbit or a dish of the modern tapas. They are indeed tasty as well as something unique to gorge on.

China Garden

Zermatt offers its travellers a host of gourmet cuisines that are tempting and mouth watering. Consisting of a bevy of beauties along with best food, this restaurant is places to go to if you love eating along with chatting.


Fuji of Zermatt

If you have a taste bud for Japanese food, then the best place that you should go to is the Fuji of Zermatt. Consisting of some of the most delicious and exotic sushi dishes, they also do magic on authentic and exotic dishes. It is simply a feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes.

Visit these places for some of the best food in Zermatt.