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Top activities to indulge in Alaska..

Alaska is a beautiful country which is truly amazing in every sense of the word. This unique place offers a wide range of  fun filled activities which are sure to win your hearts over . The activities range from simple fun filled group activities to the more challenging ones. Here is a list of few activities  which must not be missed if you are in Alaska.


There are many camping grounds in Alaska but officially permitted camping grounds are only two.  One of them is located in the Glacier Bay  Park  lodge while the other one is located in the center of the Gustavus region. The latter one is a newly established camping ground. Apart from these two all the other camping grounds are not sanctified as areas for camping. So you can camp at your own risk.


There cannot be a better place for  Flightseeing than the  Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. The splendid view 0f almost 15000 peaks of glaciers  and the unending miles of vast speces around you will definitely make you fall in love with Alaska.

Mountain biking

Alaska is the best place for mountain biking. But the trails for biking are limited. The nature of this wild area is best for biking. The locations are simply amazing and will make you come back for more and more. Local people are also seen enjoying this type of biking  along the beaches just for the sake of fun.

Husky ranch and dog sledding


This is also a great activity which can be tried in Alaska . this is the only place on the earth where a visitor can take part in the dog sledding even if he does not have a team of his own. there is a gift shop in this area where various gifts which are based on the concept of dog sledding and husky ranching can be bought and carried back home as a souveneir.

Cross country skiing

This activity is for the dare devils. It happens only during the winter months. This is because during the winter season there are no tourists around and this makes the place fit for skiing. It is best experienced in Alaska and once if you come here during winter season you will never want to go anywhere else.

Massage services

There are few specialists in massage service in Alaska. The massage provided them is very relaxing and rejuvenating and will  make you feel very fresh. People from all over the world come to take to get a massage done by these experts. Thus making it another activity which must be tried while in Alaska.