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Top 25 Activities You Can’t Miss at Zermatt Part 10

19. Marmot trail is a must trail for families and those who love animals. This trail offers a chance to see cute marmots up close. Marmots are fascinating animals whose shrill warning whistles can be heard from far away. This path offers an ideal opportunity to watch these furry rodents, which live in burrows and active by day. The trail offers a wood sculpture of these cute animals along the trail and there is panels that describe the life of marmots allowing visitors to learn a little about marmots. There is also a marmot observation posts at Sunnegga allowing visitors to take a cute pictures. The trail is medium difficulty taking approximately an hour and 10 minutes allowing hikers to enjoy the beautiful alpine nature with refreshment stops along the way.  The trail starts at Blauherd and ends at Sunnegga. If walkers are lucky, they may be able to enjoy the charming sight of the young leaving the burrow for the first time. Marmots get scared quite easily so they may be hiding in their burrows, but don’t worry, all you have to do is stand still quietly. Once marmots realize that they are safe, they should quickly come out of the burrows.


20. Snowboarding is as popular as skiing at Zermatt. Snowboarders can enjoy the long beautiful pistes around Zermatt or go to Gravity park where they offer thrilling and exciting areas only for snowboarders. In the winter the Gravity terrain park is located on the Furggsattel up on the glacier and is served by a six-person chair. The top section features two parallel kicker lines. The pro-line has some tables up to 15 meters in length, each with two launches. Running alongside is the much easier beginner line. Next to this is the halfpipe, but it isn’t guaranteed and will only usually appear from February. Below the first section of the park, you will find a jib line and a small boardercross coarse running alongside. In total they run around 20 features in the park. There are a couple of beginner mini-parks on the Sunnegga and Riffelberg peaks, and they even have magic carpets to save snowboarders hiking up. In the summer, the park moves further up the glacier, and features a very similar setup to their winter park. The halfpipe is particularly worth a shred during the sweet spot between super icy in the morning and slushy at 11AM.