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Summer Hiking Trail with Children at Zermatt Part 3

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Flower Trail is the walk that is a real treat for anyone who loves flowers. Depending on the season, walkers may see blossoming of edelweiss and gentian as well as many other rare alpine flowers. This walk will delight all who enjoy admiring flowers or have a special interest in alpine flora. There are numerous information panels which give details of the alpine flowers growing close by. The boards answer questions that many won’t have even asked themselves, such as why does the edelweiss have fleecy hairs? The answers come as a surprise! The edelweiss’s hairs, for example, is for protection from the sun damage, frost and drying out. This beautiful medium trail starts at Blauherd and ends at Sunnegga with total distance of 4.59 kilometers taking approximately an hour and 20 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 2574 meters with an ascent of 152 meters and descent of 442 meters. Children who love flowers will definitely have an enjoyable time and they will learn so much from the information panel which are written in German, English, French and Japanese. With the warm summer wind and the beautiful alpine mountain surroundings, this flower is absolutely beautiful. The alpine flowers are rare and some of them bloom specifically in high altitude.

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Waldweg Randa is a walk through the protective forest above Randa, and is perfect trail for children with often surprises of alpine animals such as ibex. The landscape around Randa offers a glimpse of the ancient alpine protective forests of towering larches and Swiss stone pines. In this world of moss covered rocks and sinister boulders, twisted tree trunks and lichen and a forest floor as soft as a carpet, imaginations run wild. At Chuebodmen, a beautiful view opens up over the valley which is a delight for families. This medium trail starts at Randa and ends at Randa with total distance of 6.05 kilometers taking approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The highest point on this walk is at 1893 meters with an ascent of 582 meters and descent of 582 meters. This beautiful mysterious walk through the alpine forest is perfect for families and children who love adventure in nature. There are Medelplatte rock ledge with wayside shrine and statue of the Virgin Mary and also at Chueboden there is a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This is one of the best walk with your family during summer when there is hot summer sun gleaming. The alpine forests give wonderful cool shade with beautiful sun shining between the alpine woods.