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Spring Skiing in Zermatt

Zermatt has the longest winter season in Alps and many new visitors to Zermatt are surprised to learn that March and April offers superb snow conditions. It is rather normal there to have a skiable area open in spring as in January. There are many reasons for this. First, Zermatt’s mountains are the highest in Europe. Therefore most of Zermatt’s skiable area lies at very high altitude. The other reason is that most of these same areas face north, meaning they are facing away from direct sun. Since the slopes don’t receive sun in midwinter, they are rather cold. But by spring, it becomes very pleasant. The snow melts slowly allowing you to ski during the beautiful weather in Spring.

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As spring comes to the mountains everywhere, the snow doesn’t disappear suddenly, the snow lines slowly crawl higher up the mountains. Therefore, from mid-March there are many patchy snow in the village of Zermatt at 1620 meters. But at higher altitudes such as 2500 meters, the snows are packed until March. Actually Zermatt’s biggest and best advanced areas such as Stockhorn or Triftji doesn’t open until February since it requires a lot of snow to cover its rocky slopes. The snows remains wonderfully until May and by late April it may be hard to ski right to the village but you can still have a very long run to the bottom for about 11 kilometers.

The another best reason to ski during spring is that days are much longer. With the sun up longer, you can ski or board much longer than usual. In April, the lifts are open much longer than January allowing you to ski.
Around mid-March, the terrain should be open 100% with all runs to the village. By second half of March, it becomes 95% and there will be good skiable snow above 1800 meters with excellent snow. Powder snows can last on the north side slopes and skiing to the village is still possible with snowmaking. By first half of April, you can expect good skiable snow above 2000 meters with 85% of Zermatt’s area. Powder snow becomes softer within a day when it falls and the final kilometers descending to the village from Sunnegga area will normally be closing due to lack of snow. Skiing to Furi and from there to Zermatt should still be possible thanks to snow making and it’s notherly orientation.

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From mid-April to early May, you can expect good skiable conditions above 2200 meters with about 70% of Zermatt’s area. Powder snows tend to soften within hours but the spring snow is fantastic and you can even get a nice tan. Slopes are usually uncrowded by this time with beautiful deep blue skies. The final kilometer to the village to Furi will normally be closed but at this time of year, the run from the top to bottom or from Klein Matterhorn to Furi is still open! From early May winter season officially ends in Zermatt. Around this season, the rain falls followed by warm winds in the altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters. If you want to ski during this time, you have to ascend up to 3000 meters on to the glacier for good snow. It is a prime month for ski-tourers but the lower two of Zermatt’s three skiing areas are closed.