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Precautions to take while skiing in Zermatt

Skiing is very fun filled activity especially if you are skiing in a beautiful place like Zermatt. Yet the risk factor cannot be eliminated totally. Here are a few tips which you must keep in mind while skiing in Zermatt.


1.Remember to exercise regularly and get into a perfect shape before you start skiing.

2. Purchase the right kind of skiing equipments, get the equipments fitted according to your height and requirement from a local shop.

3. Remember to buy ski wear which is water resistant and at the same time wind resistant. Find out whether the right kind of wind flaps are provided. The wrists and ankles need special protection so make it a point to find out about the snug g cuffs and zippers.

4. Since it is a very cold place remember to dress in layers. Layering will help you to accommodate the fluctuations in the body temperature. Wear such clothes which dry easily and at the same time absorb sweat. This will also help in keeping you warm . Propylene is a good option for this.

5. carry a head band or a  hat while you go for skiing. This is because almost 65 % of the body heat is lost through the head. So make it a point to keep it covered.

6. Use mittens or gloves to protect your hands from being exposed to the extreme cold .

7. Protect your eyes from the sun. The sunlight is reflected  off the  tracks in a much more stronger way than we can imagine. So remember to keep it covered.

8. Remember to use sunglasses or goggles to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from damaging the eyes.  Also the chilly winds affect the eyes badly.

9. If you are stuck on a slope which is beyond your ability level then leave the ski board and step aside  towards the downward side of the slope. Do not take unnecessary risks.

10. The arm up exercise is very important. So do not miss it at any cost. It prepares you physically as well as mentally for skiing.

11. Remember to drink adequate amount of water so that the body does not get dehydrated while skiing.  Liquids intake is a must.

These tips will ensure that you are fit and fine while skiing in Alaska. So enjoy skiing in Alaska  without compromising on your safety .