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Must –Haves While Packing for Zermatt

Packing for a place like Zermatt needs some serious thinking and consideration. Here are the must-haves in your travel bag for Zermatt.


Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Warm clothing, a windproof jacket, a walking stick and solid footwear are a must, whatever the time of year. Zermatt experiences substantial snowfall around the year so be prepared for it. Bring warm, sporty clothes. In winter, everything is about apres-ski so unless you want to join the fur wearing crowd, you’re ski jacket and some trousers is the best choice for all hours.

A couple of chunky wool sweaters and some long sleeved cotton shirts underneath will keep you warm outsides but will allow you to strip to something cooler when you’re in the heated indoors. Stout shoes/hiking boots are a good idea in such a beautiful hiking area….plus you need to escape the crowds in the town.


Shoes-Consider packing comfortable shoes for walking/hiking because that is what you are going to do when you get there. For shoes we ended up wearing our trainers most of the time with some thermal socks. For fashion conscious women a great choice is some fur lined, suede boots.

Hats and other accessories -Warm hat, gloves and socks. And, of course, don’t forget your sunglasses, sun cream and your cap/hat . Warm gloves and a beanie or hat is a must especially at the ultra cold evening hours.
For dinners– Take along some nice clothes to go to dinner or out for the evening.

Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Bring warm ski clothes, warm mountain underwear for under your ski clothes it is cold up there!!


Avoid these at all costs :

If you do not want to be carrying extra luggage in your bag unnecessarily, then avoid the following: Whether you visit during the summers or winters, you have to avoid carrying summer clothes of thin material or cotton. It is all going to be a waste of time in such a high altitude and you are going to feel dumb for carrying all that extra luggage without doing some straight thinking. Also avoid carrying stilettos or any other form of high heels. Be prepared to wear comfortable footwear which will keep you warm and you can walk easily in instead of your fashionable shoes .

When you take scarves and hats as well, compromise on style and wear those which will keep you warm instead of choosing ones which are fashionable but provide no warmth . Same goes for all your party wear and dinner date dresses as well. Pay attention to the clothes and materials.