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Mountain Lakes in Zermatt

There are a dozen small lakes around Zermatt’s mountains to swim, walk, barbeque, sun bathe or just to relax. Here are some best glacier-fed mountain lakes in Zermatt where you can just lie down in a sun-filled meadow and breathe in the sweet, and fresh air.
The best lakes for swimming are the Leisee lake and the Grunsee lake

Schwarzsee or the Black Lake is at the foot of the Matterhorn where it can be reached in only 12 minutes from the Matterhorn Express valley station. The water of Schwarzee lake is crystal clear and absolutely beautiful with the “Maria zum Schnee” chapel perfectly reflected on its surface. According to the legend, the water of the Black Lake or Schwarzsee has been so dark since a giant washed his feet in the lake. Depending on the light conditions, the mountain lake shimmers in various colors ranging up to turqoise blue. Many interesting facts about the bizarre work of the glacier can be learned on interactive theme paths recounting stories about the Matterhorn as well as on the Matterhorn glacier trails there. It is absolutely one of the beautiful lakes that you don’t want to miss.

Riffelsee, famous for the reflection of Matterhorn is about 10 minutes walk from the Rotenboden station which is below the Gornergrat and is in the nature reserved area. The reflection of the east face of the Matterhorn in the Riffelsee lake is breathtaking that many people love to take pictures. So don’t forget to take your camera when going there.

lake Riffelsee

Leisee is one of Zermatt’s popular lakes with major attraction for activities and entertainment with lots of exciting offers for both young and old. When the sun sizzles, there is nothing more attractive than dipping in the pleasantly cool lake at 2,300 meters. At the Leisee lake the adventure-filled Wolli play area has been expanded and the BBQ areas completely refurbished. So while the kids are rampaging about the play area, parents have an opportunity to relax on the idyllic shores of the Leisee lake with wonderful views of the Matterhorn, with a quick dip now and then to refresh themselves. You can reach the lake from Sunnegga mountain station and walking for about 15 minutes with the gorgeous view of the Matterhorn.

lake leisee

Grindjisee is another famous place to see the beautiful reflection of the Matterhorn. The view of nature and the mirrored image of Matterhorn is amazing. The easiest way to reach this lake which is surrounded by trees, is to use the 5 Seenweg trail from Blauherd.
The face of the Matterhorn is also reflected in the Grindjisee lake.

lake Grindjisee

Grunsee or the Green lake is a small lake near Zermatt which is fed by the Findel Glacier. It is quite remote and is only accessible by foot with many footpaths in the area. There are many paths leading to Grunsee lake. It can be reached from Sunnegga, Blauherd, Riffelalp or Gornergrat. The clear mountain lake is the perfect spot for a picnic or just to take a nice breath. You can also enjoy a refreshing dip. Since the water comes from glacier melt it may be cold as you expect so it is a wonderful way to cool you down.

grunsee lake

Stellisee is an idyllic mountain lake reached in only 20 minutes from the Blauherd station. The lake reflects the most impressive face of the Matterhorn and is the ideal spot for amateur photographers who want to have a double image of this mountain of mountains.

lake stellisee