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Jogging and Trail Running in Zermatt Part 2

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail 30K is a course that demands a great deal of effort, even through endurance athletes regard it as medium distance. Runners cover total of 30 kilometers, with ascents and descents of 2000 vertical meters. The 30K race takes place over a medium distance course through the glorious mountain landscapes around Zermatt. Leading along footpaths, it features the suspension bridge at Furi, 90 meters above the Gornerschlucht gorge which is an impressive moment for runners. This hard running course starts at Zermatt and ends at Zermatt with the distance of 31.68 kilometers taking approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. The highest point on this course is at 2578 meters with an ascent of 2480 meters and descent of 2480 meters. This trail circuits on the south and west side of the Zmutt and Vispa valley with an exciting view points at Sunnegga, Riffelalp and Schwarzsee. With the beautiful alpine air and the amazing view of the alpine mountains supporting you to the end line, you will have an excellent run on this trail.

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Matterhorn Ultraks Trail 46K pushes the fittest and toughest endurance athletes to the limit taking the runner through 46 kilometer long, 3600 vertical meters of ascent and descent, and plenty of challenging terrain. This 46K course follows a breathtaking route with extended open stretches as well as high summits. It’s an ideal course for athletes who can run fast on technically challenging course complete with grueling climb up to 3100 meters on the Gornergrat. Only a true champion can master this circuit, the cult course of the Matterhorn Ultraks Trail contest. This heart pumping trail starts at Zermatt and ends at Zermatt with the distance of 48.01 kilometers taking approximately 4 hours and 43 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 3109 meters with an ascent of 4247 meters and descent of 4246 meters. This trail circuits around the Zermatt area allowing runners to view the beautiful Zermatt village with an exciting viewpoints at Sunnegga, Gornergrat, Riffelalp and Schwarzsee. The views are spectacular with alpine mountain surrounding while runners run. Breathing in the cool mountain air with the views of famous mountains, this is one of the hardest trail but perfect for really fit runners. If you love to run and love the mountains in Zermatt, this is the most gorgeous and heart pumping trail. On this trail you will pass by the Riffelsee lake which is one of the famous lakes around Zermatt and here you can run with the view of the magnificent Matterhorn and the reflection of the Matterhorn on the Riffelsee lake.