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Getting around Zermatt without a Car!

Electric Vehicles Replace Cars

So, you were thinking you are going to be transported into a heavenly place with clouds around you? However, you landed into a differently svelte land as compared to your world? High profile guests being transported to high profile hotels wasn’t your idea of Zermatt? Why do you come to this high profile world in the train? Well, this isn’t what Zermatt or Matterhorn is. It is just what the railway landing looks like. You will soon come to the heavens that you have dreamed of. Have patience! Yes, there are no cars but there are electric vehicles. These electric vehicles are what are used for transport.

The Horse Carriage is an Option too!

No, you aren’t going to be left to go on foot everywhere. Also, if you are staying at the 2 most high profile hotels in this fairyland then, you will have the pleasure of a horse carriage taking you to your abode. Isn’t that cool? Yes, yes, your fairytale heaven isn’t a dream and it is right there at Zermatt. Your luggage will be taken care of by the carriages or the electronic vehicles and once you get to your residence, well, it is a breathtaking view. One that you are going to enjoy for a very long time to come!


Explore the Place on Foot

However, if you are not into things like luxury and would actually like to walk around then, well, you have every right to. As you get down at Zermatt station, turn right and enjoy your very delightful walk. No, you will not find a cloudy, heavenly Zermatt but a busy market street over here. You can very well enjoy the market and explore the local cuisine. You aren’t going to be disappointed in it. In fact, the accessories, the clothes and the food joints are every bit as entertaining. In fact, you will find big brands and local shops all on the same street because this small place has just one market.

However, the best bet here is that you will find the biggest of brands being sold at dirt cheap prices. Yes, go ahead, buy them and have a nice time. Who is going to deny these lovely Armani suits at a low price? Seriously now! Not just that, the best of designer dresses are being sold at a very low price in this place. Hence, own a pair that you have always wanted to and enjoy!