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Zermatt, Sunnegga-RothornThis is a vastly diversified ski area that significantly is one of the favorites with local skiers.

Also worthy of note is the fact that in bad weather conditions it is probably the best of Zermatt’s three major ski areas to head for. Superbly easy to reach by the fast and frequent Sunnegga Express, skiers are whisked to this area after an absolute minimum of waiting time. It takes a mere 5 minutes to be bulleted through the mountains to an altitude of 2300 meters, a climb of over 700 meters in all. The Sunnegga Restaurant at the arrival point is convenient both for typical Walliser meals as well as for any short, well deserved break you might plan during your day on the slopes.

The diversity of skiable terrain in this area makes it an ideal location for skiers of all kinds of different skills and temperament. Beginners will find good terrain to start their skiing careers at Leisee, and those who are at least able to make a few turns on skis and who have some experience and confidence will enjoy the heck out of theshort Eisfluh T bar. This is close to the Sunnegga arrival point.

A right hand course from the Sunnegga will lead better skiers to the Standard Piste. This is a moderately difficult run through the forest, which comes out at the four-seater, high-speed chair lift, the National, which takes you back to the Blauherd.

From the National down there several options between easy, moderately challenging and even some fairly difficult possibilities to get you back to Zermatt. The Rio, for example can be found shortly before you get to the National lift. This is a very tough ski run, and is not prepared or patrolled and only recommended for the best skiers. All runs from this area eventually lead to the Ried, which, boys and girls lead you back to the valley and some apres-ski action. But wait! We’re not finished here yet.

Let’s go back to the Sunnegga arrival point and Findeln area. This too is an area best suited for skiers of limited experience as the skiing is of the very gentle variety. The Findeln is a great place for a party on the slopes. The run is spotted with small, family run, hut-restaurants, and many a ski day has been lost when skiers stop to enjoy their charm and hospitality. A double chair lift will take you back to the Sunnegga and the opportunity to share your experiences with friends in the Sunnegga restaurant.

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