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Zermatt General Overview

Zermatt is a 365-day a year activity center, and we don’t mean just for skiers either.  The resort is a 365-day activity center for all sports.  To be sure, there are other ski resorts that have a glacier to market and can boast a 365-day ski season.

Again there are some that have a world – famous mountain and properly exploit this wide – spread fame to attract the active and the curious to its base.  Others too build on the advantages above and create a “class act” of a sporting and social playground for visitors. Many can cite plentiful and varied accommodation, creative restaurants and a vibrant night life.

Hotel Mirabeau

All these attributes help to create a superstar resort, and make it a “must do” on any skier’s or active traveler’s list. There are a multitude of resorts that offer all of the above. And still others will eliminate conventional cars, develop state of the art, on- mountain and in – resort transportation, and in other ways create a people oriented environment. World class shopping will add to the glitter, and of course there are plenty who can boast that attraction as well. But there are few friends, some, but darn few who can offer all of the above all of the time. And here’s the sobering news. In these fickle times, in these days of economic uncertainty, even if you can add all of the above to your resume there is still no iron clad guarantee of prosperity and everlasting happiness. If this or any other resort was to rest on its laurels it could be curtains, finito. Such is the nature of the travel industry beast But never fear, Zermatt, the car free village tucked under the shadows of The Matterhorn is neither sitting back and taking advantage of its great good fortune, not is it resting on its laurels.

For instance, one would think that a resort with a major glacier and year round skiing would have no need to invest in snow making equipment. It has and one would think that a resort with mountain transport in the form of cog wheel trains, cable cars, gondolas and just about everything you could care to mention would have any need to continuously add new and improved mountain transportation. It does.
And just take a look at the night life! Jeez, you would be forgiven for thinking you might be in Manhattan. Bars, bistros, restaurants, discos – the whole thing is a constantly changing scene resulting in a dynamic and exciting after dark scene. So is this “Zertopia” ? Well on a great day, one where the sunshine is bouncing off freshly fallen snow, you might well be forgiven for thinking you have at last found it. But, ummn, no it is not. The ski industry at the moment is under attack from all directions and even superstars like Zermatt are showing some bruises.
However as we point out more than once in the pages of this journal, class always tells. The cream always rises to the top. Luxury often translates into exceptionally good value in less than peak economic times, and classy resorts do not lower their standards, but you just may find a slight dip in their price. Especially if you look in the off peak season.

What a perfect time to explore the delights of this, one of the most majestic of ski resorts. And because this is truly a 365 day a year resort you can visit it in any season, for any reason. Actually, if one were to look at the picture of “old Zermatt” and then arrived in the village in the winter of 98, probably the only thing that would reassure you that you were indeed in Zermatt, would be that unchanged mountain. The Matterhorn is still the superstar, still the big draw. But only that remains unchanged.

What was once that sparsely populated little collection of villages is now one of the sleekest ski and holiday destinations in the world. The acres of skiable terrain tucked neatly under no less than 13 peaks higher than 3,000 meters is what most winter visitors come for, and, they are rarely disappointed. These mountains covered in snow are an awesome sight, and the variety of skiing playground they provide is second to none. Anywhere. 

In addition there are an equally impressive number and means of uphill transportation to whisk skiers to the hills too. There are trains to the mountains, over the mountain and through the mountains. There are cable cars, gondolas, T-bars and chair lifts. And if that’s not enough, get a helicopter.

In town, countless sophisticated and professionally run hotels provide a service that does indeed hark back to the days of old. How great a holiday destination the place makes will come into view if one considers that each full service hotel probably features at least two good restaurants. Food and drink and hospitality are Zermatt’s long suit. Its tradition. And shopping? Brother just be sure you’ve got your gold card. This is one of the capitals of class, with the price tags to match.

OK, now you have the overall picture, the general overview. Getting down to specifics, here’s what one can do, and when one can do it.

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