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Zermatt, Klein Matterhorn The Klein Matterhorn is Europe’s highest ski lift, if in fact the term ski lift accurately describes a massive cable car that begins at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters and ends at just under 4,000.

Instead, a high mountain adventure vehicle or a tribute to the ingenuity of man might well be a more accurate description. Heck, one could make a story just out of how they built the thin.

How many helicopter trips carried the pillions for example? Or how long did it take? You know, all that sort of thing. But this is not our job description here. It is in fact to inform you about the skiing, and that’s just what we hope to do.

On your arrival on the KM, and upon leaving the cable car, you will have a short walk through a tunnel before you emerge into a magnificent mountain world. Once you catch your breath (literally and metaphorically speaking) step into your skis and set out on a journey that is available to you regardless of the time of year.

The KM is probably the most extensive year round ski area in Europe, and although never really an area of extreme difficulty, the Klein Matterhorn does have some steeper and fun bits. The majority of the skiing though, as it is on most glaciers is relatively easy. Better skiers will get the most challenge to their abilities by dropping off the ledge not too far from the cable car departure point. Those who wish to avoid these steeper bits need only follow the long gentle trail around to the prepared slopes.

From here on down it is all a recreational playground of mostly wide open, gentle slopes, suited to skiers who have enough basic ability and experience to keep at least a minimum amount of control over their boards. This writer does not however recommend starting complete beginners at this altitude. My feeling is that height is simply too intimidating.

Good skiers may well feel a mite frustrated at the lack of challenge presented here during the summer months and with some reason. But hey! The key word here is summer, and summer is not really ski season now, is it? Lighten up and just enjoy the fact that you are able to enjoy the sun, the snow and the environment.

Whatever you do though do not take your quest for adventure off piste. This is glacier skiing after all. Stay within the clearly marked areas. The restaurant and sun terrace at the base of the Klein Matterhorn will provide you with a good alternative to the skiing so relax and enjoy snow beach.

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