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Visit Zermatt in Summer. There’s lots to see and do

Zermatt in summer and spring takes on a whole new atmosphere. The sun gradually warms up the village and the famous Zermatt Matterhorn takes on a whole
new personality
There is skiing the year ’round tho-thanks to the lift at the Klein Matterhorn.  The skiing is not extensive, nor is it extremely challenging; but hey! Whaddya want for summer skiing? Anyway in high summer allof the accommodation is open as are the sports shops and restaurants. Don’t forget walking, hiking, cycling and train rides to and up the mountains. Something for everybody eh? This is an ideal time to visit the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Prices all round are bound to be cheaper, especially if you choose to drop in during the low season.There’s every sport, even skiing, to be enjoyed. That is with the exception of beach events, although some of Zermatt’s lakes can be enjoyed. Visit Zermatt in spring and summer, you wilol enjoy the possibilities.
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