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Life’s a beach. A snow beach.
By now we should all know that Zermatt is a year round resort again-that means that you can ski at least part of the day, any day of the year.

The resort features, if not the most challenging summer ski area in Europe, at least some of the most extensive. The glacier has been referred to in Zermatt promotional materials as “snow beach” and we guess that just about says it all. Summer skiing in Zermatt is limited to the Klein Matterhorn while winter one has the entire mountaintop as your playground. But the Zermatt would not be a “beach” in winter would it? But I’m here to tell you that it can be one heck of a cold son of a beach.

Off season skiing is popular and during the American thanksgiving period in November hardy souls can be seen slogging their way up to the KM (Klein Matterhorn) in the early morning mist and partying til’ the wee hours in whatever night spot they can find open at that time.

Summer periods, especially during July and August skiing is best done in the early morning as the sun softens the snow quite considerably during these months. The afternoon is best spent at your favorite hotel pool…that’s where the beach bit comes in.