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Dining, dancing and drinking under
The Matterhorn.

I have not counted them, but I am sure that Zermatt has well over 100 restaurants and bars. Amongst them they server every imaginable dish. From Raclette to Cavair and everything in betweeb and at most every price. To start naming names and prices here would be to go into a hole so deep I would never be able to work my way out. But hey! Have a look at some of the hotels and restaurants featured on the www.zermatt.com website.

Zermatt’s nightlife is the stuff of legends and there surely is something for everybody. Discos, noisy pubs, cosy cuddling spots, you name it and you can find it in Zermatt. And you know what? Zermatt rule making folk have no doubt what you are there for at just about any time of year. Good food, good fun, good activity and magnificent scenery.