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The Matterhorn, that great, beautiful mountain that towers over Zermatt is the big tourism draw.

And, as Zermatt is a truly year round resort, the Matterhorn works its pulling power magic 365 days per year. That means that travelers from all over the world visit Zermatt all across the seasons. Zermatt, the car-free village is never closed. And dear viewer there is accommodation in all categories that are open, like Zermatt, the entire year. There are 30 or more mountains that also make an important contribution to the beauty and the winter sports activities that Zermatt offers.

Now many of you would be forgiven for thinking that the Matterhorn is the tallies mountain in Europe. Er, Switzerland? Nope, the tallest mountain in Europe is Mont Blanc, and the tallest mountain in Switzerland is, wait for it, The Dom. You see the Matterhorn is not completely in Switzerland. Probable have of the free-standing Matterhorn is in the Italian resort of Cervinia. There they call it Monte Cervino by the way.