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Skiing In Zermatt

Zermatt year roundThat the Matterhorn defines Zermatt and it is in fact probably the best known mountain in Switzerland is not in question. But does that make Zermatt Switzerland’s best ski resort? Ok the no car policy goes a long way to that, but there are “clean” cars and taxis plus a few horses so does the no cars policy really count? Then there is the night life. Just about anybody, anywhere, can find places to eat or drink so that has got to be included as well. There is year round skiing too. So is Zermatt the best in Switzerland? You tell us. Zermatt Skiing

Nobody can say that the skiing in Zermatt is not big and offers great scenery. Get used to the fact that there are about 25 mountains very high indeed (four thousand meters is the measuring stick). These are led by the Matterhorn which was first climbed by Edward Whymper in 1900. But cable cars which are plentiful in Zermatt can take a back seat to you when you start skiing…after all skiing in Zermatt is what you came for.

Want a long run?

Well you probably want to take the run from the Klein Matterhorn KM (little Matterhorn if you don’t speak German)direct to Zermatt. However this is not possible in summer. The Klein Matterhorn is where the summer skiing is. Oh in fact the cable car to the KM is the highest in the world.

So there! Oh by the way one can see into three countries from the top, and it is the pace for beginners as well. Not the run to Zermatt, mind.

Zermatt Valais

The Valais-resort of Zermatt in the Matt valley is one of Switzerland’s most famous holiday resorts and a centre of attraction for many international guests. Thirty eight, four-thousand-metre peaks, dominated by the world-renowned Matterhorn, the world’s most-photographed summit, rise to the heavens around the village.

Snow making Zermatt

Wait. If Zermatt is so good why do they need snow making machines? To assure snow stupid! It does not snow the whole winter, there are sunny days too. And there are more than 300 KM of Pistes so some really do need snow machines so there! Those 300 or so meters are speard all round the Matterhorn ski region; from the Gornergrat-stockhorn ski area to the Sunnega and Rothorn to the area dominated by the Klein Matterhorn. Oh and please don’t forget; one can also ski down to Cervinia in Italy.

Mixed Zermatt

Zermatt is mixed. A resort that is made of great hotels, restaurants and barns, oh, and of course The Matterhorn. However modern times call for modern measures. And today Zermatt is lined up across the river with great accommodation to be found on both sides up and down. So too are the lifts spread out and one is better or should I say best suited to pick one area for the day’s skiing. This however does not include summer skiing; there is only one area for this, the Klein Matterhorn. Read the stories in whatever language you like to find out which you should try today. Anyway its best to realise that the ski areas as the trains and cable cars are at opposite ends of Zermatt. You are bound to be near or at least relatively close to one of them.

Its easy to get to Zermatt.

Well the resort is probably the same distance from either major Swiss airport and close to Milan but more difficult for public transport. Anyway its easy from Zurich or Geneva and considering this is where many of you will fly into these are the airports I will concentrate on. The first way is to catch a train from either Geneva or Zurich airports. This takes three hours now and one changes in Visp for the Zermatt train. Oh it takes about two hours and one from Visp. Oh yes one can rent a car in either of the main airports but one must leave the car in Tasch, below Zermatt. Not a good deal if you are staying a full week.

Whether you want to ski to the resort of Cervinia, in Italy or on the Rothorn or Gornergrat Zermatt, the Matterhorn resort in Switzerland is your choice. Why? Well just read on and I will tell you. By the way, Zermatt is broken into three definite areas each one a ski village on its own and each one best served by one day in each; then take your pick.

The Klien Matterhorn and The Run to Italy.

The Klien Matterhorn is at the South of Zermatt, way up at the end. So therefore it is best to try a one day’s skiing trip there and see how you like it. It is also the site of summer skiing in Zermatt as it offers 365 days of snow.It is from the end of this series of lifts that one can ski to Cervinia, Italy. That Italian resort is reachable via the Testa Grigia at the top of the Theodul Pass.

The Blauhood/Rotoorn area.

The Blauherd/Rothorn area has skiing for beginners, Inetermediates and Experts as well as off piste. Go on try it and you will see I am right.

The first place you will come to is Sunnega a popular ski school meeting place. After that if you like, take the cable car to Blauherd and a cable car to the Rothorn. From either point the world, well the mountain ranges, are your oysters. That’s only of you have skied before though, and have reached the intermediate stage. Oh there’s a lot of restaurants at Findelin too.

The Stockhorn/Gornergrat Area

This area has it all. The Gornergrat overlooks the Gorner and the Grenz glaciers, and the skiing is, again we say if you have intermediate expertise, shall we say easy? Oh it also offers some viewing possibilities too. This however is not true of the Stockhorn. There it is for experts only. The area offers a bumby ride to town and is filled with heart-wrenching themes.