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Winter Hiking Trails with Children at Zermatt Part 4

Sunnegga to Tufteren is also an ideal walk for people with families. This fairly flat winter walk leads from Sunnegga through sparse woodland to Tufteren. This trail is a restful, romantic and sunny winter walk. Snow weighs down the branches of the trees and crunches under your feet. This is the path to relaxation and the perfect way to enjoy the mountain winter without skis, for a change. People with children can happily pull them along on a sledge. This soothing easy hike begins at Sunnegga and ends at Tufteren through 1.97 kilometers and taking approximately 30 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 2277 meters with an ascent of 63 meters and descent of 129 meters. This trail is absolutely wonderful to just get a nice fresh mountain air and to relax with your children. It’s a fairly short walk so your children should have tons of fun in the snow walking or on the sledge. This trail offers a magnificent view of the Matterhorn too. Also there are restaurants at the beginning and at the end of the walk so if you want to burn few energies before the meal or after, it is the perfect trail. With the snow covered trees and beautiful alpine nature surrounding, this walk is one of the most relaxing and peaceful trail. You can hear the soothing crunching sound of snow beneath your feet with the views of Matterhorn, allowing you and your family to feel like you have entered a fairy tale world.

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Tasch to Randa is a simple winter hiking trail that leads along the eastern side of the valley. It is ideal for families with children, carriage and dogs. This easy winter walk is along the flat valley floor. The trail leads mostly along prepared paths that stretches away to the right where there is snow blanketed forest and a scenery of fairy tale like beauty. This beautiful trail starts from Tasch and ends at Randa with a distance of 4.23 kilometers and taking approximately an hour and 10 minutes. The highest point on this trail is at 1452 meters with an ascent of 64 meters and descent of 89 meters. The views of the snow covered wooden houses on the village and the alpine mountain in the background, it is absolutely a calming and relaxing walk. Children can have an enjoyable time in the snow since sledges are allowed on this trail. Have a nice relaxing walk in the snowy wonderland with your families on this beautiful fairy tale like trail.