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Romantic Lights in Zermatt

If you are planning to visit Zermatt for a romantic weekend or vacation, you have chosen the right spot. You can ski around with your loved ones, take a hike around the romantic forests or enjoy a romantic evening dinner. There are many options but one of the most popular is to see the romantic lights of Zermatt such as sunrise and sunset. This is an absolute must for the romantics among us. Sunrise and sunset are magic times when sublime color effects paint the highest mountains in Switzerland around Zermatt. As the lights fade, the colors become more vibrant. Cable cars takes romantic lovers up to the most stunning colors of the sky.

In Zermatt, the dry air makes for particularly attractive light and color effects. The departure times of the cable cars and the cog wheel trains change in the different seasons. The shorter the days, the later the departure times. To be sure what time is the best, please check the timetables and dates. Just enjoy the unique, romantic experience, take photos, and send your romantic pictures out into the world. There are many tours and spots where you can enjoy the vibrant colors of Zermatt.

Sunrise at Gornergrat is one of the way. Enthusiasts enjoy the sublime mountain world and view of the slowly awakening Matterhorn, accompanied by folklore music in the most beautiful spots. At Riffelsee, romantics can admire an upside down reflection of the Matterhorn in the motionless mountain lake. Sunset tours are also offered on Gornergrat.

Sunrise at Trockner Steg is another option. At Trockner Steg, situated right in front of the Matterhorn’s east face, a very special effect awaits romantics and amateur photographers. The first rays of the sun appearing behind the mountain range, paint the tip of the Matterhorn red. The higher the sun climbs in the sky, the lower the light climbs down the east wall, merging from red into orange, golden, yellow and white. But be prepared since the magic spectacle is over in a blink. But the view is absolutely breathtaking and absolutely romantic.

Sunrise on Rothorn is from the peak of the Rothorn, where visitors have a magnificent view of the crown of the most southernly mountains in Switzerland. A breath taking early morning spectacle awaits you with snow and glacier covered peaks painted in a whole range of beautiful colors.

Sunset on Matterhorn glacier paradise is a tour that takes visitors up to the highest spots in the Alps. At sunset, the sun slowly disappears behind the Matterhorn, painting the peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif, the Dom and the Taschhorn orange, then pink and finally cobalt blue. The evening stars appear and the moon has a magic aura.

All sunrise and sunset tours on Zermatt’s cable cars include gourmet menus. And if one likes, dishes could be accompanied by a glass of regional Valais wine. These tours are absolutely romantic where lovers can enjoy a delicious Swiss specialties with delicious wine while enjoying the playful colors in the sky with the view of the magnificent Matterhorn.