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Photograph Opportunities in Zermatt Part 1

There are absolutely many beautiful locations at Zermatt and visitors who love to take pictures might wonder where  to take a good picture. Well at Zermatt, there are many places where visitors and photographers can take one of the most beautiful pictures. From alpine mountains to scenery to chapels, there are absolutely many photo points at Zermatt that visitors can not miss. From families and friends who just want to take a good photograph for memory or people who want to take a picture that can be framed, Zermatt has all the best points.

Old part of village at Zermatt is home to more than 30 buildings constructed in the traditional style of barns and stores of the upper Valais. It has a very unique taste of antique style allowing visitors to have a sensation that they have tripped back in time. Many of the buildings sit on flat stone slabs balanced on stilts to keep out mice and these buildings make a wonderful photograph. The barns, stores and stables that are more than 500 years old make a great photo subject. The buildings are made of larch, the tree that dominates Zermatt’s surroundings and is rich in resin, which the timber is particularly resistant to pests. The houses are roofed with heavy slabs of rock, which compress the timber supporting it and make the construction more robust still. Sunshine and weather have darkened the wood , coloring the wood more black making the buildings become more effective and at absorbing and storing heat and not to mention giving it a more beautiful antique taste. During summer, the green pastures and blue skies give the scenery a beautiful color for photograph and during winter, the snow that cover the ceiling and the ground give a fairytale taste to the photograph.


Mountaineer’s cemetery is one of the popular places at Zermatt and is also an excellent spot for photographs. With the memory of the famous mountaineers and climbers who have lost their lives at Zermatt, the cemetery gives a wonderful tranquility with beautiful shades and lights shining through. Some of the tombstones have unique shapes with items that keeps the memory of the climbers, such as pickaxe. With the beautiful flowers and candles that visitors have placed, the area gives a beautiful tranquility with the magnificent Matterhorn in the background. During summer and spring, the trees adds beautiful green to the scenery and during winter, the snow adds a beautiful taste to the picture.


Gornergrat is the perfect place to take a photograph of panorama and the glorious view of the Matterhorn. High up at 3089 meters is where Gornergrat’s platform is at and it is accessible all year and is Switzerland’s top excursion destination since 1898. The panorama is among the finest in the world. The views take in the Monte Rosa massif with Switzerland’s highest peak the Dufourspitze at 4634 meters, the second largest glacier in the Alps the Gorner Glacier and total of 29 mountains above 4000 meters including the glorious Matterhorn.