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Zermatt.com is the most successful resort domain in the entire 135-domain Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN).
It gets more unique visits than any other resort destination, more page views and more advertising revenue. By any standards, measured against any criteria, www.zermatt.com is a total success.

     This is achieved without promotion or sales staff. The success of www.zermatt.com comes without influence or input from any Zermatt or Swiss organization. Zermatt.com relies almost solely on its name to ensure it has a high spot in every major search engine in the world and is the first thing that most of the world’s web viewers put into the URL address bar when they do not go to a search engine. And at least 40% of all viewers do not go to a search engine to find a domain; they simply guess at the name.

    Those hotels and travel suppliers that advertise on www.zermatt.com enjoy a high rate of success both in the amount of people that view their profile, click in to and go directly to their site and do business directly with the hotel or travel supplier. This is an undisputable fact and can be proven upon request. In fact many of Zermatt’s hotels, sports shops and other suppliers have been advertising with the publishers of Zermatt.com for 28 years. The publishers owe all of them a debt of gratitude.  

    If a very small business, not based in Zermatt can achieve this, what would be the result if Zermatt.com was backed or owned by a firm with its own promotional means or budget and with a vested interest in either selling incoming travel to Zermatt or increasing advertising on the domain to include not only the local leaders that see the wisdom of being featured. Remember there are no national or international advertisers, no brand advertising, very little third party advertising (at the choice of the publishers) and no commission sales. Still it is the most successful financial domain in the entire ATN network.  

This is targeting at its most effective. It is niche marketing at its pinnacle. WWW.zermatt.com is the online gateway to Zermatt. Those that are featured on it are the only ones that can possibly be selected for more information about their product or service. Those who are not featured on Zermatt.com are losing business.

     The domain and the complete Swiss travel network are in a unique position to sell Zermatt incoming holidays. The business model of ATN does not capitalize on that obvious sales opportunity. ATN income is earned primarily by selling advertising to those selling to or benefiting from people visiting Zermatt.

     Zermatt.com is an offshoot of Euro Ski Magazine. Between the print and on line versions we have provided information about Zermatt since 1978.

     In addition to Zermatt.com, the Swiss Travel Network has a number of other domains. The visitors and page impressions to these other domains and indeed resorts within the domains are not included in the figure above. They are separate and available upon request to interested parties.

     These come with two possibilities; first, the domains directly related to Swiss incoming travel (listed above). Second, those placed in other sub sections; the latter are related indirectly either by location, season or activity. There is extraordinary potential to develop year ‘round business with positive results.