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By far the most lucrative of all sub networks in ATN is the Zermatt Travel Network (ZTN).  It is the biggest revenue producer in terms of advertising sales, as well as reservations. The Zermatt Travel Network is a major sub section, its own network of travel web domains if you will of the Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN). These are the domains that are in the Zermatt network.
zermatt.com availableroomszermatt.com
zermattswitzerland.com availableaccommodationzermatt.com
zermatttravel.com zermattapartmentregister.com
golfzermatt.com yskizt.com
golfingzermatt.com matterhornapartments.com
zermattgolfing.com matterhorntv.com
bestpricezermatt.com ztski.com
zermatttv.com skizt.com
zermattaccommodation.com visitzt.com

As seen here, ZTN is made up of 18 domains. Each domain, either as a solo entry or as a complete network is for sale. Each domain is priced differently.

All domains listed here are directly related to Travel within and to Zermatt. Some concentrate on activities that take place in different parts of the village first made famous by the Matterhorn, while others concentrate on available accommodation within Zermatt. As a result each domain is perfectly targeted.

The Zermatt Travel Network first registered sites beginning with Travel way back on the 20th of April, 1996. From 1978 Zermatt was represented in English, in print as part of Euro Ski Magazine and then in its own print version.  Then along came the Internet and all its power. It did not take long to switch. This is a scenario which is still adhered to today. In fact just recently a new domain has been added to the ZTN.

The Zermatt Travel Network is highly popular. It does not cover a country but a resort; that of Zermatt. As such it ranks among the top three of the Activelifestyle Travel Network’s most visited web sites.

Do they all make money? No is the short answer, they do not ALL show a profit. However in spite of the fact of old age and not seeking help are two of the biggest reasons why not, ZTN ranks first in profit-earnings.

Current Income of ATTN is derived from Google ads, our own advertising sales efforts and commission sales on accommodation. Improvements in all categories in the right hands will lead to huge profits.

Costs are amortized over the entire Activelifestyle Network. We have no particular way, currently, of pinning the cost of developing ZTN.

Each and every Zermatt domain is available and for sale. The oldest and most popular are more expensive than others, but rest assured all have a sale price. There are payment plans as well as franchise opportunities. Please contact bill@activelifestyle.com for further information