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Own your chosen travel market. Your business will grow if you do.

Buy, franchaise or sponsor an Activelifestyle Travel Network domain.Whether it is in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, or Thailand we have got it. No matter if it deals with golf or luxury or a given resort or country we own it.See all 250 at www.atnlinks.com

Do you want a great domain for little money? You definitely arrived at the right place. Why? Because most of our domains make little to no money and have few visitors. All have great names (we think so anyway and hope you do). Some make a good living, therefore they are more expensive. See them all at www.atnlinks.com. The Activelifestyle Travel Network has been around for 25 years. Of course not all domains have been around that long, But Zermatt.com has. SkiAustria, SkiFrance, SkiItaly and SkiSwitzerland have as well. Perhaps Courmayeur.com too, if not it was close behind. These are our biggest money makers as well as visitor count. The rest go on down the line.

Why will owning, franchaising or sponsoring an Activelifestyle Travel Network domain work for you? The names have it, plus profits, and the fact that an WWW.ATNLINKS.COM domain will bring money to your business. They will all work and work well.

Go ahead make an offer now. I will respond and answer any questions you might have about your choice of domain or domains. No matter which choice you make, buying, sponsoring or franchaising, I promise to answer you.

Why do I want to sell? Well I will be 75 in a couple of months, does that qualify? Thanks for your time.

Bill Fogarty