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About Zermatt

One Zermatt, one Matterhorn, one website.Yours : Zermatt.com
That the Zermatt travel network is dominated by www.zermatt.com is a
given. The domain makes the most money, requires a small amount of work
and, although it makes a good profit now, is a goldmine waiting to be,
well, mined. But wait! What if one arranged for the purchase of a “lesser”
domain in the Zermatt Travel sub-network (ZTN) of The Activelifestyle
Travel Network (ATN) and, as part of thier agreement, got a link on
Zermatt.com pointing directly to their newly-purchased ZTN domain? Would
that not make the purchase price much, much, more valuable?

  All Domains in the Zermatt Travel Network are For Sale.  

The crown jewel of the Zermatt Travel Network (ZTN) is  www.Zermatt.com.
It has the defining name for the resort and is backed by some of the best
domain names that produce travel to Zermatt from all over the world in all

There are 18 domains in the Zermatt Travel Network, a sub network of the
Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN). These domains and any of the others
you may be interested in are to be found at www.atnlinks.com.

ATN has promoted Zermatt since 1978. Then it was to be found in print as
part of Euro Ski Magazine. Later the domain was started and went on line
as Zermatt.com. At that time (1996) the website and the online domain
cooperated and still produced a print version dedicated to the resort.
Later, at the urging of advertisers www.Zermatt.com  went only online, the
magazine was discontinued. Since then the domain and the rest of the
Zermatt Travel Network have dominated the Zermatt online industry and
earned high placement and page ranking in many search engines.

Within the last years the domain was the subject of a takeover attempt by
the Tourist Office and the city fathers. In fact they tried to acquire the
domain www.zermatt.com without putting up a single Franc. They failed of
course at absolutely no cost to the defendant. This was in spite of the
fact that the plaintiffs’ paid substantial money to Swiss lawyers. These
assumed, large, payments to acquire the domain for nothing were also lost.

Since then Zermatt.com has gone from strength to strength. It has
prospered on many financial fronts with a minimum of work (estimated at 10
days annually for about $100,000) by current owners. As we have earlier
mentioned, the domain www.zermatt.com is at the forefront of a targeted
network. The others in the domain are not as successful though and would
benefit hugely from new ownership or help. The asking price for the domain
www.Zermatt.com is one million dollars (1,000,000).

ZermattSwitzerland.com is currently in the Russian language. This is the
case in spite of the fact that search engines often provide translation
services. This domain is high on the list of the domains that make up ZTN
and Russian was selected when people from that country were visiting
Zermatt in droves and spending in large sums.  ATN is open to suggestions
for future development from new owners. The asking price for
www.zermattswitzerland.com  is seventy five thousand dollars (75,000).

Zermatttravel.com is another domain that if it were in the right hands and
with the right ideas, it could rival for a spot at the top. There is much
to say and much to add to this domain. Currently it does nothing to fill
its potential. This is a glorious opportunity for any travel professional.
The asking price for www.zermatttravel.com is forty thousand dollars

The domains www.Golfzermatt.com , www.golfingzermatt.com  and
www.zermattgolfing.com  are perfectly descriptive and all lead to the same
domain. All Zermatt domains are perfectly targeted but few are more
targeted to golf in the Matterhorn resort. One must take note that golf is
not possible in winter and the price reflects that. The asking price for
each domain is ten thousand dollars (10,000).

Bestpricezermatt.com is another domain that could use more work and
creativity. It was originally designed to feature advertiser’s specials
commission free and non-advertisers at a 15% commission. It too needs
either new ownership or a Zermatt local to keep constant touch with
advertisers and those that would rather pay in commission. The asking
price for www.bestpricezermatt.com  is 25,000dollars (25,000).

The apartment network consists of domains relating to available apartments
in Zermatt. The idea is to portray these domains exactly like the best
price network Once again it needs new ownership or a local Zermatt person
to spend time on the domains. The apartment sub network consists of
www.zermattapartmentregister.com and Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.
ATN would like to sell these domains as one unit. The asking price is
fifteen thousand dollars (15,000) for both domains.

The same can be said for the accommodation sub network. This consists of
www.Zermattaccommodation.com + www.availableaccommodationzermatt.com.
These domains as well need new ownership or local attention. The asking
price is just ten thousand dollars (10,000) for both domains.

There is a short-name sub-network as well. Due to little care and
attention these domains make little to no revenue. They are ztski.com,
skizt.com, yskizt.com and visitzt.com. All are looking for an interesting
and talented Zermatt internet entrepreneur, or outright new ownership. The
asking price is five thousand dollars (5,000) for each domain.

To cover every base, ZTN has, naturally enough, a TV network. As with all
of the others in ZTN they are perfectly targeted. They are
www.Zermatttv.com  and www.Matterhorntv.com. The asking price is ten
thousand dollars (10,000) for both domains.

Page views and visitors.
www.Zermatt.com has about 40,000 Page views monthly from around 10,000
visitors each month. This comes to over 3,000 page views each day, each of
them looking for information on Zermatt. It is of most interest here to
note that Zermatt.com has scores of advertisers that are in a prominent
position to click on them first. Visitors do this, often. The same holds
true for Booking.com and Google ads. A good portion of income actually
comes from the latter two sources.

Country visitors.
The leading countries to visit www.zermatt.com  are The US, Great Britain
and Switzerland. Note should be given to central European countries and
Sweden, Norway and of course, Russia.

Domains sending the most visitors.
The domain www.stubaiaustria.com  comes in as the site that sends
Zermatt.com the most visits. This is followed by best price Zermatt and
Ski Switzerland.

Search phrases and results.
Searched for phrases include Zermatt, Zermatt Hotels, Hotels Zermatt
Switzerland, Zermatt Weather, Zermatt Apartments and hotels in Zermatt.
In almost every case Zermatt.com ranks at or near the top. This is
especially true for the keywords, Zermatt, Zermatt Apartments and Zermatt
Hotels where the domain is featured in the top three on Google.

Noteworthy here is the fact that one can be featured on www.zermatt.com to
anyone who buys a site other than the Zermatt.com website. Naturally the
amount of advertising exposure on Zermatt’s leading domain is directly
related to purchase price and domain purchased, please keep that in mind.

To make an offer or to get more information any of these domains or indeed
to buy any outright, please send an email to Bill Fogarty at

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