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Zermatt features numerous and diverse apartment accommodation. These domains will make them available quickly and easily to the entire online world.

Statistics Switzerland states that most apartment rentals in Switzerland originate with the Swiss. Consider then the amazing potential of a listing, a register, of all of the apartments in Zermatt and surrounds available to a completely global audience.

Give serious and careful consideration to the increased business generated when it becomes easy for thousands of visitors from around the globe to view and request apartment names, locations and prices from the comfort of their own home.

Immediate increased revenue for apartment owners is the first and obvious result, and some apartment owners or agents are already benefiting. However the financial rewards spread surely and quickly throughout the entire community. Those from abroad that tend to holiday in apartments often dine out, rent equipment, buy souvenirs, take lessons and enjoy many of the products and pleasantness that a major resort has to offer.

Current apartment accommodation featured on www.zermatt.com will be listed without commission or charge. Apartments that are not partnering with a ZTN domain at the moment can participate by paying a commission, or on a “per click” or request basis.


The ultimate in targeted names for Zermatt accommodation providers; and the only way to be featured on it is to be a ZTN paying partner 

This domain will be used as a bonus for those that have supported ZTN over the past 28 years. Without extra charge this domain will devote its targeting and power to promote existing partners. Through press releases, announcements, events listing, photos, classifieds, the entire domain will work to ensure the success of our existing partners and to assist them in their global communications efforts. These efforts will be featured in a wide variety of languages.

The Activelifestyle Travel Network is poised to promote this domain on every one of its 6 million annual page views. Such is the value we place on the name and the strength and targeting we believe it possesses.

Revenue will come from third party, non-competing advertising, and from new advertising for www.zermatt.com. We believe that experienced and intelligent accommodation suppliers will have the savvy to quickly get featured on www.zermatt.com to earn a free place on www.zermattaccommodation.com

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